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WhatsApp Group Chat: Steps To Mute A Group On WhatsApp

whatsapp group chat

WhatsApp Group Chats are an excellent way to stay in touch with friends, organize meetings or hang out on the day’s topics. But sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming.

You know what we want to say. What begins as a genuine attempt to organize a group meeting quickly becomes an 18-way barney about which train operator is the least reliable. Which is great, if you feel like it. Not so much if you’re busy working or trying to relax

Fortunately, there is a way to disable these notifications without missing the WhatsApp group chat. The name is Mute, and he could be your new best friend. Here, we will show you how to mute WhatsApp group chat

Step 1: choose the WhatsApp group.

This is the group you want to silence, be it a prenatal class, a reading club, a sewing class or just your family. Find the group on WhatsApp, then keep your name pressed on the Chats list. In iOS, you will have to swipe your name to the left, then press More.

Step 2: Mute it

Once it is selected, it is time to silence it. On Android, the Mute button appears in the upper right corner once you press and hold the group name. On iOS, appears after pressing More. Touch Mute. Now you can select how long to silence notifications.

And that’s it, wait for a peaceful silence. You will still receive messages from the group, but your phone will not vibrate or make a sound.

Step 3: Disable notifications

If you also want to stop group notifications, just uncheck the Show notifications option.

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Step 4: find the exit.

Maybe you want to go a step further and leave the group completely. You can still see the chat history, and it will still appear in your chat list.

To exit the group in Android, touch and hold the group name as before, then touch Menu> Exit group. In iOS, it’s after the More button.

Step 5: Delete the WhatsApp group.

The last step is to eliminate the group. This purges it from your device, so it will never bother you again. In Chats, touch and hold the group name and tap the trash can icon. That’s on Android. In iOS, it’s after the More button.

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