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Video Stuttering Problem On Windows 10 [FIX]

Video streaming is a normal problem when you play on youtube, online video or game. And it has many forms, such as video not playing smoothly windows 10, video stuttering, windows 10 video playback choppy, etc. Here you can fix it.

Some users discovered that after updating to Windows 10, when they try to play a video on the website, they can find windows 10 video playback issues, one of the problems of video transmission in Windows 10. This problem is quite annoying and the reason The problem is different. For example, it may be caused by an unstable Internet connection, high video quality, browsing data and an obsolete graphics driver, among others.

To solve the problem, you may have to apply several solutions to solve the problem if you do not know the exact reason.

Windows 10 video lag fix

  • The first thing you can do is make sure there is nothing wrong with your browser’s cache memory, which can cause video playback to malfunction. Clear the navigation cache, cookies and Temp files before making any software updates to solve the problem of video representation.
  • Then you should treat the driver’s problems, especially the screen drivers, as this may be the cause of the poor video quality in Windows 10. You can update the obsolete or defective drivers to solve the problem. To update these drivers, you can go to the Device Manager to update them or navigate to the official website of the manufacturer to download the driver you want to update and then install it according to the on-screen installation wizard. For example, if your graphics card is an NVIDIA graphics card, you can download the NVIDIA support page and update the NVIDIA graphics driver.
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Assuming that updating the drivers does not help, try updating the video player you installed, such as Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time Player, DivX Web Player, Microsoft Silverlight. Probably, your video player is not compatible with your system after upgrading to Windows 10, and this causes problems with video streaming. Then you need to update it.

Another reason for the video stuttering windows 10 is that the hardware acceleration feature is activated. In this case, you should go to the Flash Player help page. Next, right-click on the tree animation and deactivate the Hardware Acceleration in Configuration.

One more thing you should do is check if you have installed all available Windows updates. Windows 10 is the latest Windows operating system and each Windows update can help improve the Windows 10 system and correct some previous errors.

You can press the Windows + S key to open the search bar of the start menu. Then type “Windows Update” and click enter. Next, click on Check for updates and verify and download the updates available to you.

Changing your preferences is also one of the solutions.

If you have more than one graphics card installed in your computer (for example, an NVIDIA and an Intel), this solution should work. Your system decides which graphics card to use by default in itself. If you want to play a video in your browser, your computer can use the Intel graphics card, while if you are playing a game, you will use a more dedicated one.

You can try to change the preferences by opening the settings of your dedicated graphics and eliminating the option to “let my system decide which is better.” Choose your dedicated graphics as the default graphics card and check your videos if they still play. If the video still stutters, select another graphics card and try again. Or you can try disabling the Intel graphics card in Device Manager and let your computer run on your dedicated graphics card and vice versa. This is rather a crazy assumption, but we can verify if it works.

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If the error continues after applying all the above methods, you may need to disable or replace your antivirus software. Some users who have experienced this stuttering problem claim that antimalware software can also cause video retransmission errors. And some company, like Bitdefender, has officially admitted its guilt. If you have tried other solutions but still have the problem, you must disable or remove your anti-malware software to check if the problem of the stuttering video disappears.

If you have a video stuttering problem, this article should give you some help. I hope now you know the windows 10 stuttering fix.


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