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How To Use Wireless Charging Kit On Any Android Phone

Wireless charging is a feature that is limited only to some flagship smartphones; even OnePlus 5T phones are not compatible with wireless charging kit. Apple’s flagship new smartphones, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X come with wireless charging technology. However, what to do if you want wireless charging, but your Android smartphone is not compatible?

Thanks to all the wireless charging kits available online, almost all smartphones can get wireless charging function. You do not need any chip level knowledge; you only need to buy a wireless charging kit. Keep reading to know more.

Why wireless charging is needed?

Wireless charging is a very convenient feature. You merely need to place your phone on the charging mat and your phone will start charging. The only downside of wireless charging is that most of your smartphones will be charged slowly compared to cable charging.

Tools needed for wireless charging

What is needed for this is a wireless charging kit that is available on Amazon for $10 to $20. These wireless charging kits include a wireless charging receiver for the smartphone and a charging platform that will charge the phone wirelessly. If you already have a wireless charging platform, then you do not need to buy a complete kit; All you need is a wireless charger.

However, for smartphones that do not support wireless charging from the box, check the children’s wireless charging below.

Wireless charging kits

  • Wireless charging kit ALANGDUO Qi –  $21
  • Generic Qi wireless charging kit (Type-C)$14.99
  • Wireless charging receiver$8.99
  • Wireless charging receiver ECHO – $10
  • Generic wireless charging receiver – $10
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How to charge any Android smartphone wirelessly

You need to purchase a wireless charging kit that includes a wireless charging receiver that is a thin sticker type receiver that is connected to a micro USB port. This micro USB port enters the charging port of the smartphone, and you hide the receiver’s keyboard under a case used with your smartphone.

Once this is done, connect your wireless charging platform to the wall jack and place your phone on the charging platform. And simply lift your smartphone when the charge is done, you will not have to mess with the cables.

No matter what smartphone you own, the charging kit even comes with iPhones, but it shows some compatibility issues. Therefore, buying a wireless charging kit for your iPhone is a bet unless you have compatibility with the iPhone. If you have questions, let us know in the comments or on our social networking pages.


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