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Although most of us have used Microsoft Excel in one way or another, either by organizing data in a spreadsheet, using basic formulas to make calculations or fighting with fearsome pivot tables, it is rare to find a person who has mastered the complexities of the tool. Excel’s functions far exceed what non-specialists usually associate with software.

Beyond being just an application that spreads spreadsheets or helps reduce data, Excel is a powerful problem-solving tool that, with a little knowledge, can help you automate your workflow. With The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle, you get 33 hours of detailed instructions that allow you to manage information and better analyze data, in short, increase your business analysis skills, preparing you for better projects, an improved scope in your current function and such once even a promotion.

What This Package Includes


This package includes six courses in total. The first will guide you through formulas and advanced functions, a perfect starting point whether you are an advanced user or you are just starting. You will learn through practical examples how to build dynamic tools and Excel dashboards to filter, visualize and analyze your data. You will even learn how to extract real-time data from APIs directly in Excel, which is tremendously valuable even if you do not have a technical function and work in sales or marketing.

Next, you will learn the different ways in which Microsoft Excel can show data, and no, we are not just talking about spreadsheets. Excel has more than 20 different chart types that you can take advantage of in everything from presentations to launches, and this lesson analyzes which chart makes the most sense for various applications. Then you are ready for advanced user courses: for example, how to use Power Query, Power Pivot and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for data modelling.

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Next, you will learn how to look at data and develop powerful ideas and trends using dynamic tables. Whether you’re trying to discover the reason behind a spike (or dip) in sales, or what drives your users to invest or buy in a product at a given time of day, this particular course gives you the tools to help Discover why that can be lost in all the noise.

Finally, Excel VBA will dominate, the basis for the automation of tasks in Excel. It concludes with the final course (and the one that could probably change your career): how to prepare an impressive workbook, either to calculate the budget of your home or to win the business of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Everyone had to use Excel at some point, but they are the people who dominate it and stand out from the crowd. Typically, The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle costs $945, but you can get it now for $34.


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