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How To Use Apple Pay Cash On Apple Devices

how to use apple pay cash

How To Use Apple Pay Cash

how to use apple pay cash

Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s peer-to-peer payment service, became available for US public beta testers and developers today with the release of the second iOS 11.2 public beta.

The feature seems to be still deployed for some users, but most testers with iOS 11.2 beta 2 installed should be able to access the service. Here is a guide on how to use apple pay:

Apple Pay Cash Setup

  1. Open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the Apple Pay Cash card that appears here.
  3. Apple will walk you through the installation process and ask you if you want to activate Apple Pay.
  4. You will be directed to the Settings app to confirm your info. Apple Pay will take a few seconds to activate fully.
  5. Once activated, an Apple Pay card will appear in Google Wallet, and you will be able to use Apple Pay
  6. Cash in the Google Wallet app.

You can also use the Settings app to activate Apple Pay. Go to Settings> Wallet> Apple Pay– Apple Pay Cash and press the button to activate it. Sometimes this option is not displayed until it has been enabled through the Google Wallet app.

How to use apple pay cash to send and request payment

  1. Open a conversation in the messages.
  2. Tap the App Store Messages icon.
  3. Choose the “Apple Pay” icon.
  4. Press the “+” or “-” buttons to enter an amount or use the keypad.
  5. Press “Request” or “Pay.”
  6. You will have an option to preview your payment or your payment request.
  7. Tap the blue arrow to send.
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When sending a payment, the money you sent will be listed as “pending” in the Google Wallet app until the person at the receiving end agrees. Once accepted, the payment will be listed in ” the Last Transaction” under the Apple Pay Cash Card in Google Wallet. Although still pending, payment may be canceled.

The money you send will be withdrawn from a linked debit/credit card or Apple Pay card if you have added funds to this card or received funds from others. If you send money using the Apple Pay card or a debit card, there is no charge. For a credit card, there is a 3% fee.

When you accept payment, the money will be added to your Apple Pay Cash card in the Google Wallet app. From there, it can be used to buy things where Apple Pay is accepted as any other card, or you can transfer the funds to a bank account.

Apple Pay Cash works in any conversation with one person. The option will not be available for group messages.

Sending money via Siri

  1. Activate Siri.
  2. Tell Siri to send a payment. Example: “Send $ 1 to Eric.”
  3. If multiple payment applications are installed, you must confirm that you want to use Apple Pay.
  4. Unlock your iPhone using Face Recognition or Touch ID.
  5. Tap “Send.”
  6. Double-click on the side button to pay on the iPhone X or put the finger on the Touch ID or Home button to confirm payment on other Apple devices.

How To Changing Apple Pay Cash settings

You can only access your Apple Pay settings in the Settings app or through the Google Wallet app.

  1. Open settings
  2. Go in the wallet and Apple Pay.
  3. Tap “Apple Pay Cash” card.
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Here you can add funds to your Apple Pay Cash card, transfer your money to the bank (which requires the addition of a bank account) and choose to accept payments automatically or manually.

Verify your identity

Once you have sent or received $ 500 with Apple Pay Cash, you must verify your ID (identity). ID verification is available in the Settings app, but may not be entirely functional at this time.

  1. Open settings
  2. Go in the wallet and Apple Pay.
  3. Tap the “Apple Pay Cash” card.
  4. Choose “Check ID (Identity).”
  5. You have to confirm your address and name, as well as the last 4 digits of your SSN and date of birth. Apple will also ask questions about your personal history and request a photo of a driver’s license or national ID card.

Once your identity is verified, you can have up to $ 20,000 on your Apple Pay Cash card.

Apple Pay Cash Limits

There are limits on the amount you can send per day and per transaction, and the amount you can add to your Apple Pay Cash card.

When you add money, you must add a minimum of $ 10 per transaction, but you can not add more than $ 3,000. Over a period of 7 days, you can add a maximum $ 10,000 to your Apple Pay Cash card. When you send or receive money, you can send/receive a minimum of $ 1 and a maximum of $ 3,000. During a 7-day period, you can send/receive up to $ 10,000. You can transfer money to your bank at any time. A minimum of $ 1 can be moved at a time, or less than $ 1 if your total balance is less than $ 1. Up to $ 3,000 can be sent in a single transfer, and over a 7-day period you can transfer up to $ 19,000 to your bank account from Apple Pay Cash.

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