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How To Upload Photos On Instagram From PC

From the support of multiple accounts to Historias, the Instagram team has worked hard for years. To say it, there is a significant feature that has not yet implemented, and I’m not talking about the return of a historical chronology.

The platform still makes it impossible to upload photos from your computer. The Windows 10 application supports loads, but only if your machine has a touch screen and a rear camera. How weird.

In any case, there is a method to upload photos to Instagram from a traditional PC, and it merely requires a user agent trick in your web browser. You see, Instagram recently allowed mobile users to upload photos through their browser. So let’s trick Instagram into thinking that our desktop browser is a mobile browser.

Key steps to upload photos on Instagram from PC

First, you’ll want to open the Chrome browser and sign in Instagram. From here, press F12 to open the developer window and choose the smartphone and tablet icon in the upper right corner (to the left of “elements”). Can not find the icon in question? Then simply press ctrl + shift + M after pressing F12 instead.

If you are using the Firefox browser, you will want to login to Instagram, press F12 to open the developer window and choose the third icon on the right side.

You should see a popup menu bar on the page (but below the address bar / URL – see the image above). Click on the “sensitive” option and change it to a smartphone (Galaxy S5, iPhone 8, and other phones appear here). By changing this option, the website will efficiently think that your desktop browser is a phone browser.

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From here, you must update the page; then you should see five icons at the bottom of your page. Press the plus icon (load menu), and you should be able to browse your computer to upload photos. And that is. This is specifically useful if you have a dedicated camera or simply tend to store all your photos on a PC.


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