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Unlock Windows PC With Android Fingerprint

unlock windows pc

How fresh will it be if you could unlock Windows PC using the Android fingerprint scanner? If you’re wondering if it’s possible, let me tell you that the answer is yes. Android and Windows are the most popular operating systems and believe me, both the operating system is full of many hidden features, and you just need to explore them. Unlocking your Windows PC with an Android fingerprint scanner is very easy, in this article you will learn how to.

Guide to unlock Windows PC using the fingerprint scanner in Android

We will use the following applications/software to use the fingerprint scanner in Android to unlock Windows PC:

• Unified Remote and Tasker for Android

• Unified remote server for PC with Windows

• Autotools Beta Now follow the simple steps that are detailed below.

Step 1: Download and install Unified Remote Server on the Windows PC and the Unified Remote application and the Tasker application on your Android device.

Step 2: Start the Unified Remote application on your Android smartphone and search for the IP address of your computer. Once found, save it.

Step 3: Open Tasker and create a new task and assign it a name. Now do the next step in it.

• Open variables> Set of variables and now in ‘% pass’, enter ‘su-windows-password’. Note that this will be a password.

• Open add-ons> Automatic tools> Autotools text> Encryption. Now activate “encrypt the pass” and now to code, enter a phrase you can remember later.

• Open variable> Set of variables. Now change the name ‘% EncryptedPass’ to ‘% attextresult ()’.

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Step 4: Execute the task listed above and delete it because it will no longer be necessary.

Step 5: Create a new task again and name it “Fingerprint Unlock”. Now, follow the steps outlined below to set up the task.

Go to Add-ons> Automatic tools> Autotools dialog. Select ‘Fingerprint Dialog Box’ and make the following changes:

Title: PC Fingerprint Unlock

Number of attempts: 1

failed message: Error: unrecognized fingerprints

• Go to Add-ons> Autotools> Autotools Text. Make the following changes:

Text:% EncryptedPass

Variable name:% pass

Go to ‘Encryption’ and then select ‘Decrypt’. Now use the encrypted password that you created earlier in the password section.

• Select Browse URL that is numbered 4th and then type this URL in it:

ur: // try / remote control: Core.Keyboard / action: press / extra: space / destination: YOURPCNAMEHERE

• Task> Wait 1 second

• Select Browse URL which is numbered 6 and writes this URL to it:

ur: // intent / remote: Core.Keyboard / action: text / extra:% pass / destination: YOURPCNAMEHERE

• Task> Wait 1 second

• Select Browse URL that is numbered 8th and write this URL in it:

ur: // try / remote control: Core.Keyboard / action: press / extra: enter / destination: YOURPCNAMEHERE Step 6: press the ‘Play’ button to execute all the changes. By finalizing the last step, you have made your Windows PC ready to be unlocked by your Android scanner. The steps may seem a little complicated, but if you follow everything according to the guidelines indicated above, you can quickly reach your goal.

Unlock Windows PC with the Android fingerprint scanner sounds fun, and can save you a lot of time to log in to your PC.

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