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How To Unlock Any Windows 10 Computer 2017


How To Unlock Any Windows 10 Computer 2017How To Unlock Any Windows 10 Computer With A Samsung Phone

Like the Apple Handoff feature, Samsung’s Flow application lets you switch between different devices seamlessly. It originally only worked on Samsung phones and tablets, including the Galaxy TabPro S for Windows 10, but an update means that you can now use your smartphone to unlock any PC running the Windows 10 Creators update.

You can also use Flow to perform other useful tasks, such as checking notifications through devices and responding to messages directly.

Samsung revealed that it was planning to make this change in February and estimated that the feature would be extended in April. In the end it took a little longer to arrive, but it is here now, and its configuration takes a few seconds.

The process uses Bluetooth and Windows Hello, and you will need a Samsung phone that runs Marshmallow or higher or a Samsung tablet that runs Nougat or higher.

Download the latest version of the Flow application on your PC / tablet and phone from here. In the application of your PC, select your phone and click on the link Par. Confirm the password on both devices and the Bluetooth pairing will be completed. Click “Register Device” and enter your Windows PIN. Confirm the password on both devices again, and enter your PIN one more time. That’s it, it’s all done.

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