How To Turn Off Screen Overlay On Android

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This frustrating message ‘Screen Overlay Detected‘ is difficult to correct since several factors may be the reason for this. This can happen when you first give permission for a particular application, say File Manager first and try to add an image to Messenger chat; this error appears. After following the corrections mentioned in the article, you can turn off screen overlay error.

Most of the time, it happens when there is a floating application, such as an email message that opens on the application, where you see the error. Many other things can lead to this, so let’s start with the solutions and the solution to turn off screen overlay detected from your Android phone.

How to turn off screen overlay error?

In the latest versions of Android, such as Android Marshmallow, Oreo and Nougat, applications cannot access all user data on the smartphone without the user’s consent. Therefore, the user must permit the applications to access the details. But the Marshmallow version has some flaws related to this.

The new feature in Android, ‘Draw over the apps‘ is a function that allows access to an application to open on an application that is currently running. This allows notifications, floats of applications such as Messenger to remain on the screen even when using a different application. When you try to install a new app and provide permission for that application related to Contacts, Storage, Camera, etc. Superposition of detected screen appears. This is because the ‘Draw on applications’ allows access to the application in the foreground or the background.

This is also a security feature that blocks the granting of permissions in case you install an application by mistake. But most of the time this creates a problem for applications that have been installed intentionally.

Solution 1: Remove all running applications and try again

You may come across this particular error when trying to send an image through Messenger or allow contact, file permission for any application, etc. A simple solution is to close all applications, including the one you are using, and delete all applications. Now open the application that was responsible for the error and try the same task again. You can also retry the procedure by restarting the device and using the particular application with granted permission.

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Fix 2 – Uninstall applications such as GoSpeed, CleanMaster, etc.

If you are using applications such as a third-party file manager, Go Speed, CleanMaster, Lux, Twilight, Drupe, etc., uninstall all these applications one by one, since they are the main culprits of the “Screen overlay detected” error. These applications usually get your permission as soon as you install them on your smartphone.

Tip: If you are using Battery Saver, CleanMaster or other applications similar to those that are known to improve performance, uninstall them. These applications consume a lot of RAM because they need to run continuously to show the status. But they tend to consume storage space, battery and are a burden on the processor. In most cases, they are accurate.

Fix 3 – Disable all screen overlay options


In this method, you must disable all screen overlay options to run the new application that provides the error. When the Screen Overlay Detection error appears, click on the settings option. From settings, navigate to overlay settings, disable all permissions and run the new application.

  • Go to Settings> Applications> Click on Secondary settings (located in the upper right corner)
  • Select the option “Draw over the apps” in the secondary application setting.

In this menu, you can see the list of applications that have permission granted. You must select each application from the list and deactivate the ‘Drawing permission on another application’. When you disable the draw over another permission of all applications, the new application you are trying to allow access to will not be blocked by any other application.

Once done, delete all other applications and try the newly installed application. As there are no other applications that can draw on the new application, the error should not appear. Also, be sure to do this for Messenger if the error still appears (This will disable the chat headers feature)

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Fix 4 – Start in safe mode

If you have tried the previous solutions and still the problem is not solved, you can try this. In this, I would be turning on the device through the safe mode.

For OnePlus devices, to start in safe mode, press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds. You will see the option Shut down and restart the screen. Now press and hold the Turn off option on the screen for 2-3 seconds. You will get the option Boot in Safe mode, select OK to restart in safe mode.


Once the device reboots, go to Settings> Applications. From the application’s window, look for the application that could not obtain the permission with the error. Now select the option Permission and activate the permission.


Once the permissions are activated, restart the device. Since you are granting permission directly to the application from Safe Mode, this method must correct the Screen Overlay Detection error. This process should work on most Android devices, such as LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Nexus, Moto, Razer etc. Although it is different for Samsung and LG smartphones. I have already mentioned 2 of the repairs for Samsung phones.

If the error “Screen overlay detected” disappears, you can return to the application settings and return the Draw over the Apps permission. See the same steps to re-enable the permissions.

Turn Off Screen Overlay For Samsung devices

As Samsung used the ‘TouchWiz‘ custom interface, it is not similar to the other Android devices. It has a different way of solving problems like the detected Screen Overlay. Among Samsung devices, there are different reasons for these errors to appear.

Fix 1- Adjust the permissions of the application

  • Go to Settings> Applications> Application manager.
  • Press More> Applications that may appear at the top
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Now you would get the list of applications that have permissions granted. You can disable the permission of the application that has a set of bubbles vertically next to the switch. Or you can disable the permission of all applications. Now check if the problem “Screen overlay” has been exhausted, if it is gone, you can complete your task and re-enable the permission.

This would work on all Samsung smartphones with the latest version of Android Lollipop. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and the same Serious up to S4 and, apart from these, the other set of Samsung phones like A9, A7 and the series J.

Fix 2
On Samsung devices, there is the possibility of obtaining this error when the one-hand keyboard is enabled. This has been recommended by most users who have faced the problem. Disable the one-hand typing feature by following the steps below

  • Go to Settings> Screen and wallpaper> One-hand operation.
  • From this menu, select the ‘Side Key Panel’.
  • You should see the toggle button, disable this toggle button and now delete all applications and verify the problem; your problem should have already disappeared.

If the error disappears, provide the necessary permissions, and you can turn the keyboard back one-handed. Remember this setting the next time while installing a new application. If you just use this option, turn off this feature once and for all.

Yes, if you have some junk applications, unused applications that have not been used for 2-3 months, uninstall them. Do not install so-called performance-enhancing applications that do not help your phone in any way. Try not to install unnecessary applications since the Draw over other applications would give problems such as Screen Overlay Detected. As you know the reason why your phone had the screen overlay error, you can follow the same steps below, dealing with this problem until new updates occur.


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