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Top 5 Cheap Xbox One Games To Buy 2018

Xbox One has been around for more than four years, but the Xbox One X capacity for 4K has only existed for a few months. Whether it’s a day-old adopter or new to Xbox, it can be difficult to browse the store and discover what to play. And yes, there are jokes about how Xbox One does not have any games, but that’s not true! There is a lot to play on Xbox, and your options are good even if you have a tight budget to buy cheap xbox one games.

From the newest indies to discounted AAA games, we’ve selected the best games you can get for $ 20 or less (around £ 16) at the Xbox store. This only reflects digital prices; There are games that you can get for sale at other retailers, but these games are consistently affordable.

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The Best Cheap Xbox One Games To Buy

  • Celeste: $20/£16

This is one of the cheap xbox one games, Celeste can be seen as another pixilated platform with a young protagonist, but it quickly becomes a brutal and well-orchestrated death glove that only the best players can master. It challenges you to traverse barbed-fringed caverns with a modest selection of abilities, with alternative routes that further boost your temper as you strive to acquire every last hidden element. You will die hundred times, but with fast reboots and a catchy soundtrack, there is never downtime to wallow in defeat, just a new opportunity to show the game what you’re made of. The action and difficulty curve is accompanied by a surprisingly attractive story that adds the right amount of context to make your arduous journey feel justified, and to solidify Celeste as one of the biggest surprises so far in 2018

  • Inside – $20/£16

This is another of the cheap xbox one games, Playdead games won the admiration of its now large audience when it released Limbo, a slow puzzle platform game that relied heavily on the use of light and negative space. For the follow-up of the study, Inside, gave us another grim world to explore. Presents a story that unfolds effortlessly before your eyes as you move from one scene to the next, with hardly a word from any of his characters. Through the power of inference and suggestion, you realize the infiltration of a malicious organization and you are witness to its bad acts. Inside tests your ability to think creatively, but it is the narrative and the way it develops that makes it worth playing. In the interior, it reinforces the notion that, sometimes, less is more.


  • The Sexy Brutale – $20/£16

This is another of the cheap xbox one games, The Sexy Brutale is a quirky little riddle game developed jointly by Tequila Works, the studio behind the beautiful Rime adventure game. It is essentially Groundhog Day: The Game: you play the same day over and over again, but with each advance, you learn more about the chilling mansion in which you find yourself. After seeing one character shoot another, you can find the weapon and prevent the bloody murder by replacing real bullets with targets. Several of these murders are interconnected: solving a puzzle could prevent a murder, but that could change another branch of time elsewhere in the house. There is no way to prevent each murder at once, but discovering and playing with the different timelines is where the fun lies. And as you can play on Switch, you can live the same day countless times anywhere you want. Suffice it to say that we have played it again and again, in fact, Groundhog Day.

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  • Halo 5: Guardians: $20/£15

This is another of the cheap xbox one games, Halo 5: Guardians is the biggest and most daring Halo game in history. The campaign tells an intriguing story in which Master Chief could potentially be the bad guy, and another team has the task of chasing him. Although the general narrative did not work, the campaign boosted the franchise with its more open-level design that offered a new sense of freedom. On the multiplayer side, Halo 5 is possibly the strongest offer in the series to date. The central modes like Arena are there and they have never been better, and the Forge mode has allowed the modders to create incredible creations. But the most exciting thing is the 24-player Warzone mode, which gives Halo’s multiplayer a sense of scale that I’ve never had before, and it’s a lot of fun. At $ 20 (or free with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass), Halo 5 is worth checking out.


  • Crypt of the NecroDancer – $15/£12

This is another of the cheap xbox one games, The Roguelikes (or at least the Roguelike elements) have been one of the most popular trends in games in recent years, but few have taken it as a more interesting approach to the genre such as Crypt of the NecroDancer. It assigns the players the navigation in a dungeon to the rhythm of the music. Instead of simply moving in the direction you want or attacking the enemy that is in your path, the actions of you and your enemies are directly linked to the soundtrack (always excellent). It is essential that you are always doing something: not acting on the next hit restores your combo, which means that you will earn less gold or you will do less damage, depending on the items you have purchased. Particularly when the music becomes more accelerated, this provides a real sense of tension and emotion at every moment: you need to constantly be considering your next action as you count how nearby enemies will react to your movements. It is an experience with few points of comparison, but anyway it is something that you will surely want to try.


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