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Top 4 Smartphone Application To Monitor CryptoCurrency Prices

best bitcoin wallet apps

The most challenging skill when trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is to track your violent price fluctuations. Bitcoin is an excellent example of this, reaching more than $ 13,000 in early January, just one tank below the $ 10,000 mark on Wednesday night.

But how can you keep up with the ever-changing world of digital currencies? Simple. Use an application

Android and iOS users can choose from a large number of applications designed to list some of the popular cryptocurrencies around the world. We list four remarkable examples.

Apps To Monitor CryptoCurrency Prices

CrypTick (Android)

CrypTick is a newcomer to the Android application space, but that does not mean it lacks brightness.

In any case, it is the most straightforward, lightest and cleanest application on the list, extracting data from six Internet coin exchanges. Next, list the fluctuations in a 24-hour chart.

Users can also search for some cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ripple. And if there is a currency you would like to keep an eye on, CrypTick allows users to post it on the application home page.

However, the most exciting thing is that the developer allows users to disable ads without paying a fee completely.

Download For Android


Coinbase (Android and iOS)


Coinbase is not just a cryptocurrency ticker. It is also one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolios in the world.

While it lists the fluctuations in market prices, it also allows users to buy, store and spend Bitcoin all from the application.

But for those who simply seek to enter the cryptocurrency trade, Coinbase also has an alert function, which notifies users when the Bitcoin price falls or exceeds a certain threshold.

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However, its long list of 15 required permissions on Android may discourage hardcore advocates of privacy.

Download For Android And iOS


Drakdoo (Android)


If your ideal death involves drowning in heavy graphics, Drakdoo is your application.

The application itself is practically a great table and is probably best suited for large Android tablets. However, the developer has noticed that the application is designed for mobile phones first.

It also has some features frequently seen: including notifications, the ability to control several currencies and exchanges at the same time, and several time scales.

But its only point of sale is its “smart alerts” system.

“Do you want to be notified when the current trend has a higher than normal probability of changing your address? Simply set the parabolic SAR alert, or receive notification through a stochastic RSI alert when the market is overbought or oversold “, writes the developer.

Nifty, but this will cost a small penny to unlock. A real shame, but it may be worth it if you are in long-term cryptocurrency.

Download For Android Crypto News (Android and iOS)


Easily the application in this list with the most awkward name, the Investing cryptocurrency application takes a lot from the user interface of the other financial application. This makes it easily navigable, with a dark mode highly appreciated to please AMOLED users or at night.

The application offers real-time updates on cryptocurrency prices, total market capitalization numbers and percentage change figures that can be scaled between a week and a day.

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There is also a news section that lists articles from several different sources, as well as an alert and notification system.

Some users have noticed that the Android application has errors and has purchased the application, but has an overall rating of 4.7 on Google Play. Fortunately, there is also an iOS version.

Download for Android and iOS


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