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Switch On Phone With Broken Power Button

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A broken power button does not have to mean it’s the end of a phone or tablet. Here are some tips to try to help you turn on your phone with a broken power button and continue using it normally.

If your phone is still on:

DO NOT let it go. Keep it charged, carry a power bank, and if you need to restart, be sure to select that option instead of turning it off.

Install some applications that can help turn the power button to the volume button allows you to use your volume button instead of the power button. Gravity Screen activates the screen of your phone when you lift the device, and Shake Screen On Off does something similar. Proximity actions can reactivate the screen by gesturing towards the proximity sensor.

Set the alarm to activate at a specific time every day: this will activate some phones to activate and sound the alarm. Maybe set some alarms, just in case.

If you are worried about opening the screen without the power button, look in the settings for options to activate the screen using alternative methods. For example, turn on twice to activate and if your phone has a pressure sensitive virtual start button, make sure it is enabled. Some phones will also allow you to use the volume or keys of the camera to reactivate the screen. If all else fails, ask someone to call you and access the phone in that way.

For the reasons we will describe below, you should also enable USB debugging and download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot on a computer. Open Settings, About Phone, Software Information and touch Compilation Number seven times. Now go to Settings, Developer options and enable USB debugging.

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Connect the phone to your computer via USB, and select the option that appears on your phone to allow USB debugging. If there is an option to ‘Always allow on this computer’, make sure it is selected.

If your phone is switched off:

Try the easy solution first: if your phone ran out of battery, connect it to a charger and see if it will turn itself on. You may have to wait few minutes if the battery is completely discharged.

Sometimes, plugging it into a charger will not force a device to activate, but if you connect it to a computer’s USB port, try too.

If you followed our previous advice and set the alarm, you can also wait for it to turn off, make sure the battery is sufficiently charged before the time comes.

Another option is to turn on the phone through the recovery menu, although most phones require you to use the power button to access this and, often, to select options inside. If your phone accesses the recovery menu with some other combination of the start and volume keys that does not involve the power button, you will be lucky. Search in Google the model of your phone and the “recovery menu” to find out.

If you enabled USB debugging and installed Minimal ADB & Fastboot before the phone went out, go to your computer and launch the tool. Connect your phone via USB, then type adb restart and press enter. Also, try the recovery of adb restart. This will not work for all phones when they are off, but it’s worth trying.

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