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Steps To Turn Off Desktop Notification In Chrome

Desktop notifications of the applications you use may be useful, but less so when you accidentally allow a website to send you notifications. Here’s how to turn off desktop notifications in Google Chrome.

Desktop notifications, such as those I receive when I receive a new message in Slack, can be useful when your head is buried in a job and you do not save the tabs. But not all desktop notifications are desirable. Here’s how to turn them off in Google Chrome.

Earlier this week, I read a story about Xiaomi in GizChina, and since then I received notifications on my computer that seem to have to do with Chinese technology. A quick tour of the Chrome settings and there’s my answer: like an idiot, I’ve activated notifications for GizChina.

That’s not something I intended to do, I admit, but it’s easy to do. Often, when you visit a website, you are asked to block or allow notifications, and if you press the wrong option, you will not know until you are receiving them. Good job, it’s easy to fix.

Turn off desktop notifications in Google Chrome

  • Open your browser and go to chrome://settings/content/notifications?Search=notifications
  • Make sure that the toggle at the top of the page for ‘Ask before sending’ is enabled
  • Scroll through the page to the “Allow” list and look for the application or website that is sending you unwanted notifications
  • Touch the three-point icon on the side of the selected entry and choose Block or Delete
    (Blocking will prevent you from sending notifications, while Allow will mean that you will be asked for permission to send notifications the next time you visit that site).
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