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Steps To Use iMessage On PC (Windows)

imessage on pc

Today I will help you install and use iMessage on PC (Windows). iMessage is common among Mac, iPhone and iPad users. iMessage allows flexibility for the users with functions like the transfer of money from person to person, the encryption of messages, a wide variety of GIF and emojis. iMessage is becoming very popular among Windows PC users, but the problem is that it is available only for iDevices.

Here are two methods to use iMessage on the Windows PC, with and without Mac.

First of all for users who already have a Mac with iMessage.

What you need before you can use iMessage on Windows

Review the installation process.

  • The extension of Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop was added on both PC and Mac.

How to use iMessage on PC (Windows): Step by step tutorial for Mac owners.


  • Launch Chrome Remote Desktop on PC
  • Start the Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer on Mac.
  • After starting Chrome Desktop Remote, a tab with a 12-digit code will appear.
  • Enter this code on the Mac.
  • After entering the code, your PC and Mac will be connected and you can access applications and files on Mac from your PC.
  • Now you can use iMessage on a Windows PC.

Use iMessage on Windows PC without a Mac

What you need before you can use iMessage on PC (Windows)

  • PC with Windows installed.
  • iOS emulator downloaded to the PC.

How to use iMessage on PC (Windows): Step by step tutorial

  • Install the .exe file of the iOS emulator on the PC.
  • Run the iPadian emulator installation file.
  • Follow the standard procedure.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions.
  • Start the iPadian emulator once it has been successfully installed on the PC.
  • Now look for the “iMessage” application in the search bar of the iPadian emulator.
  • Once you have found the “iMessage” application, download it and install it.
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Finally, you can start and use iMessage on PC (Windows).


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