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Steps To Set Up Custom DNS On Google Wifi

google wifi

Below, we show you how you can set up a custom DNS (third party) in Google Wifi using the official application in both iOS and Android.

Internet acting? Try a personalized DNS on Google Wifi

Google Wifi is one of the many home WiFi systems that does not require adjustments once you have configured it. But, of course, you have the full option of modifying the configuration if necessary. This includes the ability to change the DNS server as well.

Out of the box, Google Wifi is set up in such a way that it automatically switches between the DNS servers of your ISP or Google. It depends on what works best at a given time. Personally, I have found that this ‘characteristic’ is more than adequate and I keep things like a spell.

However, there is a chance that Google DNS may not work well with your ISP and your ISP’s DNS servers may be mediocre at best. If that is the case, you may want to configure and use a third-party DNS that you have found that works best for you. To know what DNS is ideal for your network, you can use a tool such as Namebench. It is free to download and use.


Here’s how to set up and use a custom DNS address with Google Wifi.

1. Make sure you have the Google Wifi application installed on your iPhone or Android device. You must sign in with the same Google account that you used to set up Google Wifi.

2. Start the application and then select the ‘configuration’ tab. Here you will see a lot of options.

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3. Touch Network and General.

4 Select Advanced networks.


5. Now select DNS


6. Here, simply touch Customs and enter the DNS address you wish to use. Make sure these directions are correct; otherwise, the Internet of your home will be shattered.

google setup wifi

Once done, press Save and your network will be back online in a few seconds.

Remember, having a personalized DNS will not make your Internet faster. It will only make things more receptive since your ISP’s servers are extremely pathetic.


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