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Steps To Replace Kingroot With SuperSU On Android

replace kingroot with supersu

Do you need to know how to replace Kingroot with SuperSU? In this information, you will study all about how to remove/change Kingroot / Kinguser with the SuperSU / Superuser application on any Android phone.

The rooting Android device is regular these days. It is the method that unlocks your Android phone. You can enter all the internal options of your gadget. After rooting person will receive entry to the Superuser. One thing is that permissions are required each time you try to make changes to the root of your Android.

We have already shared a tutorial to root any Android phone without a PC, although I hope you have rooted your gadget simply by following our information. In our technique, I described the means of rooting using the Kingroot application. But many customers who have rooted their phone using this application are dealing with some problems. Because as a substitute for SuperSU / Superuser, your phone has KingUser to allow permissions to make modifications to the base of your cell phone.

Many people do not like Kingroot because it is an unknown application form, so no one believes in it. And it is the main cause of the change of Kinguser with Superuser. No one wants to grant permissions to any unknown application to enter their root entry for the gadget. We share an excellent Android tutorial to set up same applications with two instances on Android. According to your information, you can run different accounts of same applications such as Dual WhatsApp and many others.

Every time people realize the fact of Kingroot that is much less useful belief and take the application of the base of your cell, suddenly you want to remove it or change it. Now they start searching on Google like:

  • How To Remove Kingroot with SuperSU
  • How To Replace Kinguser with Superuser
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Well, they find the best technique to replace Kingroot with SuperSU in Google. Now they are happy with the root entry of their gadget. But I do not think it is a much less likely application; I even used it on several Android phones. The only reason why people want to get rid of the Kingroot application (KingUser) is “It’s an unknown application”. Nothing else.

Have you ever tried to change Kinguser with SuperSU? If so, then I hope you have discovered an excellent answer for it. But if it is not yet ready, here is all the information step by step to change Kingroot with SuperSU on any Android. There are three techniques that I will present to change Kingroot with Superuser in the Android gadget.

Requirements to replace KingRoot with SuperSU

To eradicate or change Kingroot with Superuser in your gadget, it is essential to want some primary needs as adopted. Take a look and take Kinguser with Superuser simply on any Android phone.

How to replace KingRoot with SuperSU on Android

I am sharing three easy strategies to change Kinguser with SuperSU, in which the first one is the simplest one that ever existed. If some technique does not work for you, check out another one. You can simply receive success in the second technique.

Method 1: Replace Kingroot with SuperSu (Simpler Way)

It is the simplest and easiest method to change Kingroot with SuperSU on any rooted Android device. Simply you have to configure the SuperSU application of the Play retailer and uninstall Kingroot from your gadget. That’s. Let me clarify step by step:

  • Open Play distributor.
  • Search for SuperSU and install it.
  • Open it and provide permission as superuser.
  • Now, uninstall the Kingroot application.
  • Update Super User Binary and restart your phone.
  • Voila! That’s.
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So, guys, it’s the main trick and the best trick to change Kingroot with SuperSU. But if this does not work for you, you can verify the second technique adopted under.

Method 2: Replace Kinguser with SuperSU using Terminal Emulator

This is the second technique that one works on virtually every Android gadget. I try it on 10 different Android phones and it works great for me. That’s why I’m sharing it right here. You can also try this technique and I’m sure it will work 100% without any subject. But it is essential to have to observe this information very carefully. Otherwise, the device may be broken.

1) First of all, you must obtain all the files that I discussed in Requirements.

2) After downloading the entire requirements file, first, unzip the file Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU and move the extracted folder “MRW” to any folder in Phone Storage.

3) Open the Terminal Emulator application on your phone and command the “SU” command in the terminal. Now he asks to grant the capabilities. Allow all of them.

4) After granting permission, you must create another code in Terminal and type “sh /sdcard/mrw/”. After writing this command, you will present the error on the screen, however, ignore it.

5) Wait some day and launch SuperSU robotically, if you do not, open SuperSU manually from the applications.

6) It will ask you to replace Superuser Binary, simply click on Continue and choose Normal Mode.

6) In the end, simply restart your cell phone.

I!! That’s. Now SuperSU will work easily on your device. With this information, KingUot KingUot has efficiently changed with SuperSU from Chainfire. This was the best technique to change Kingroot with SuperSU on any Android.

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Method 3: Replace KingRoot with SuperUser using the Supersu Me Pro application

I already mentioned two strategies to remove/change Kingroot with SuperSU / Superuser. But in case you do not understand about Terminal and want another easy means for it. Then this third technique is for you. You simply want an easy application in this technique and you can change Kinguser efficiently with Superuser.

1) First of all, download and install the Supersu Me Pro application on your device.

2) Open it, apply for grant permits, simply click on Grant to grant SuperUser permissions to this application.

Three) Now, this application will introduce you to Big Green Android, just click on it.

four) It will start to change Kingroot with SuperSU, it will take more than 2 to 3 minutes. So we simply wait a while to complete your course.

5) After finishing your course, you will robotically launch the SuperSU application on your screen.

That’s. It is another easier method to change Kingroot with SuperSU. Now, you can uninstall the Supersu Me Pro application from your phone. Enjoy SuperUser as KingUser substitute on your phone.


So guys here’s how to replace Kingroot with SuperSU on any Android phone. There are three best methods to remove/change Kingroot (KingUser) with SuperSU / SuperUser in your rooted gadget. If you know another technique to change Kingroot with SuperSU simply, let me know in the observation part. I hope it has helped you a lot. If you have any questions or problems with this information, I would appreciate your comment below.


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