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Steps To Enable Swipe-Down Notification On Samsung S9


The Galaxy S9 is an amazing phone that combines beauty and brawn, packing the latest and greatest specs into a relatively little and friendly form factor. The curved glass feels adorable in hand, and the assistant 18.5:9 aspect ratio helps incline around all inch of the phone into usable screen publicize.

There’s just one painful: that added-tall aspect ratio makes the extremity of the screen hard to succeed too. That can be a deafening difficulty for usability, serve on the intensity of the screen is where everyone one of your notifications and quick toggles sit. Luckily, it’s attainable to set occurring quick shortcuts to pull all along the notification shade without having to shift the phone on the subject of in your hand.

Access notifications taking using the fingerprint sensor

galaxy s9

One of the easiest ways to entrance your notification shade without reaching the peak of the display is by swiping down regarding the fingerprint sensor. The gesture is disabled by default, but it’s easy to put into a group.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Advanced features.
  • Tap the switch against Finger sensor gestures (blue means behind the suggestion too).

With gestures enabled, you can swipe down to mannerism in your notification shade, swipe the length of anew to build occurring the rapid toggles, or swipe happening to collapse the panel.

Access notifications from the home screen


You can plus access notifications directly from the habitat screen. By default, a swipe down when insinuation to the dwelling screen functions the similar showing off as a swipe going on, creation your app drawer, but after a fast rotate, you can make the gesture a bit more useful.

  • Press and maintain a blank space on your quarter’s screen.
  • Tap Home screen settings.
  • Tap the switch against Quick-retrieve notification panel.
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That’s it! From now upon, accessing your notifications and fast toggles upon the Galaxy S9 should be much easier. Hopefully, considering these actions, you won’t have to shift the phone re in your hands as much to achieve the peak, minimizing the risk of dropping and breaking it.

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