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iCloud Backup: Steps To Backup An iPhone

If your iPhone is stolen or broken, it can be quite stressful, and even worse if you realize that the last time you made an iCloud backup of your phone on your laptop was a few weeks ago.

There is a solution to this, and that is iCloud. This is Apple’s rather active service that can keep a copy of all your photos, iMessages and even your WhatsApp messages stored safely out of harm’s way.

Instead of having to plug your iPhone into a laptop or computer every time you want to make a backup, create a copy of everything on your phone via WiFi and if you charge your phone every night you will do it every day without realizing it. It includes everything from the photos you have to the way you have organized your applications and even the wallpaper you have chosen.

Backing up iPhone to iCloud works also with iPad and iPod Touch and you can store them in the same iCloud account. It can be a little difficult to configure it, but once done, it will give you a level of technological tranquility that you did not know you were capable of.

How to get iCloud backup

1. Configuration – Account

2. Account – iCloud

3. iCloud: scroll down and tap iCloud Backup

4. Turn on iCloud Backup

5. To make a backup automatically, make sure your iPhone is connected to WiFi and connected to a power source, therefore, in effect, every time you go to bed.

How to synchronize all your pictures with iCloud

While the images on your iPhone are now backed up securely, if you have more than one Apple device, there is another handy feature that you can use to ensure that photos are synchronized on all your devices. iCloud Photo Library synchronizes each photo on your MacBook, iPhone or iPad. Any change or editing you make on your iPhone will be instantly copied to the other devices.

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It’s handy if you have more than one Apple device and you’re bored with having to send individual photos to edit them.

1. Configuration – Photos and camera

2. Photos and camera: activate the iCloud photo library

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