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How To Speed Up Your iPhone [9 Ways]

How To Speed Up Your iPhone

How to speed up your iPhone: Earlier we wrote on how to speed up your android phone, Now we’re going to tutor you how to speed up your iPhone.

As much as you wish to proceed with your smartphone, at some point, life is inevitable: the time will come when you have to search for a different device and leave your former partner.

So whenever you think your cell phone is nearing the end, some easy-to-manage tips can help you extend the life of the device for a while maintaining consistent performance. If you have an iPhone, here are nine tips to follow and increase the speed and lifespan of your iPhone.

How to speed up an iPhone

1) Search for apps that consume more memory

Go to the “Settings” function and go to “General,” then “Storage.” Here you will see the complete list of applications installed on your iPhone, and you can also control the space they occupy. You can sort an app that you feel is not necessary.

2) Delete applications you no longer use

Now that you know what applications are installed on your iPhone and what space they occupy uninstall those that you no longer use. You can save space by removing some of the unnecessary applications.

3) Disable the location of specific applications

Many applications require you to enable their location, to get more accurate information to recommend contextual features. However, this causes the energy of your device. You can choose which applications will have the path of this report. To do this, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and restrict access to some of the apps you choose.

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4) Disable updating the background application

By default, iOS keeps the updates enabled, allowing applications to run in the background while refreshing. You can change this and ensure a little more retention of the battery and memory. Under “Settings,” go to “General” and then “Update Background Image” to select applications that can use this feature.

5) Disable automatic updates of emails and calendar

There are very few people who have to respond to an e-mail immediately after they arrive. For many, monitoring their inbox 2 or 3 times a day is more than necessary. You can disable these automated e-mail notifications and save less memory to this device. Under “Settings,” go to Mail> Accounts and select Find new data and tap your e-mail account and select Manual to get the best results from the battery.

6) Getting an External Battery

If the battery still does not last a full day, it is worth buying an electricity bank. A power bank can confirm one or two additional loads without having to be close to a take.

7) Use more airplane mode

At times, you do not want to be disturbed, try a plane mode. This prevents your iPhone from being connected to the network all the time. This small economy can mean valuable minutes on your battery.

8) Keep the OS up to date

Go to Settings> General> Software Update to check if the operating system is the latest version of iOS. Keeping the OS up to time is one of the best practices you can do today. This fixes significant bugs and ensures that security environments are always up to date.

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9) Perform a hard reset on the device

When the iPhone is too slow, a hard reset will solve the problem. Before you do this, back up your data, such as photos, videos, applications, and calendar contacts. Then, via iTunes, restore the factory settings.

This is how you can speed up your iPhone. All mentioned methods are secure and do not require any third party application. I hope you like publication, share it as much as possible.

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