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Simple Way To Move Photos To SD Card On Android

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The particular guide involves the use of the File Manager application of your device, without the need to consult your computer. If you are not familiar with the File Manager application, you can take a look at our tutorial. To start, open the File Manager application, which is somewhere on the home screen of your phone along with the other apps. Depending on the manufacturer of your device, the name of the application may vary files, file explorer, etc.

  • Internal storage
  • DCIM Directory
  • Camera folder

How To Move Photos To SD Card

  • Select the photos you want to move to the SD card. To choose multiple photos, just touch a photo and then the user interface will allow you to select specific photos.
  • Press the Copy – button on some user interfaces, it could be called ‘Move’ – and then select the directory of the SD card. Hit and mission accomplished.

If you have any problems in trying the above or have a recommendation to make, feel free to comment below.

Background information

Taking lots of photos can quickly fill your phone’s internal storage, especially if your phone has a high-end camera. Anyway, if your device has storage expansion through micro-SD, we recommend that you buy one and use it to store your photos and videos there.

In general, storing valuable data in your microSD is a smart choice. For example, in case you need to restore your phone and your photos are saved in the internal storage, then check them out with a goodbye (unless the images have been backed up), if they were saved in a microSD card would have remained safe and sound. However, the process of moving photos from the internal storage of your Android device to the microSD card is easy.

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