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Simple Guide To Use A Laptop As Second Monitor

second monitor

A second monitor is an excellent addition to any configuration, offering an expanded optical configuration that allows you to turn your workspace into something much more versatile.

While you can buy another monitor to accomplish this, you can as well use a PC that will function as a second screen for your main machine.

Windows 10 provides this functionality by default, and it is nice and easy to configure. Follow the steps below, and you will have your second monitor set up in a short time.

Be sure to be safe online with our easy to follow guide.

How to Set up a laptop as a second monitor

On the machine you want to convert into your second monitor, find your way in Settings> System> Projection on this PC.

Adjust the settings to your liking, achieving your preferred balance between security and accessibility as seen below.

From the main computer, press the Windows + P key, and press ‘Connect to a wireless screen’ at the bottom.

Your PC will search for available screens and then have the ability to Extend or Duplicate once your PC has found the secondary monitor.

As the names suggest, Extend will treat the additional screen as an extension of its current configuration, giving it more space to use. A duplicate will force the secondary screen to reflect its main exactly, so it will have two screens that show the same content.

Make your desired selection, and your main PC will now be linked to the monitor in the style you have selected.

Use the second screen as a point of collaboration

With this method, you can use a screen as a point of collaboration and allow someone else to write and use the mouse if it is paired with the main machine.

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When you connect the screen, there will be a checkbox that will allow additional entry. If you check this box, this monitor will allow the entry of a mouse and keyboard when it is linked to another PC.

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