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Share Xbox One GamePlay Clips On Instagram

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Instagram is not just for photos and hipster filters: it’s a great social network and it’s a great way to showcase your gaming achievements with the world in a formidable video.

The Xbox One makes it very simple to capture clips, but if you want to share them on Instagram, there is a bit of work to be done. It is not easy, but once you have it down, the process is relatively simple.

Ways to share Xbox one clips on Instagram


  • Save the clips to an external drive

The key to sharing clips on Instagram is how you get them out of the console and into something that you can post with later. Since the last major update of the Xbox One operating system, you have been able to save clips to an external drive.

Having the files on an external drive makes it easier to access them from a separate computer, and some units even allow you to connect directly to a smartphone (although you may need a special adapter or cable. Simply take files with your phone and upload them to your Instagram mobile app.

  • Using the Xbox application for Windows 10


While there are Xbox applications for iOS and Android, only the Windows 10 Xbox application allows you to download clips from your Xbox Game DVR. If you are using a Windows 10 Mobile phone, you can download it directly to your phone and then upload it to the Instagram application immediately (you can also do it on most Windows 10 tablets).

PC users will need to download the DVR clips from the game, but then they will have to send them to a smartphone to upload them to Instagram, and the most direct way these days is to go through the cloud.

  • OneDrive

OneDrive does not receive approval just for being a Microsoft service, but for being a Microsoft service that is also integrated into the Game DVR function in the console. The clips will be saved automatically on Xbox Live, but you can also upload them directly from the console to your OneDrive account.

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OneDrive is not the only place from which you can share clips from the console, but to place them on Instagram, it is the best. The following guide will show you everything you need to know.

All you need now is a smartphone and the OneDrive application. From here you can download and export your clips to other applications on your phone, including Instagram.

Download OneDrive for android

Download OneDrive iOS

  • Bluestacks


The Windows 10 Instagram application does not allow you to upload photos or videos (unless you’re using a tablet), which makes it pretty useless. So, if you want to use a computer, you should think a little more. Although several new Chromebooks run Android applications natively, in Windows, we must resort to the Bluestacks emulator.

It is not perfect, but it has improved a lot in recent years and is free to use. The latest version currently in beta even runs on Android 7 Nougat, so it’s not as far as you might think. But if you are going to use a PC, it will give you access to the Instagram application and upload the clips you have on an external drive or from the Xbox application, as detailed above.

Download Bluestack

Your advice

If you have a workflow that is not covered here, be sure to share it in the comments below.

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