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Screen Mirroring: How To Share iPhone Screen To Windows

screen mirroring

The screen mirroring is a wonderful feature that allows the user to enjoy daily multimedia entertainment on a large screen. All individuals today would like to use a large screen to play, show photos, give demonstrations, etc. Also, it is handy to reflect the screen of your iOS device on a larger screen, such as TV or PC. The main advantages of screen duplication are that you can easily stream the contents of the iOS device to a laptop. In a related note, it is beneficial if you want to present content on an iOS device to a projector during the demonstration and can also be used to record screenshots.

As an Apple user, you may be familiar with the way in which Airplay media streaming allows you to copy an iPhone to a Mac laptop easily. What happens if you want to stream content from an iOS device to a PC with Windows 10? Users cannot duplicate the iOS device directly to Windows 10 by default since the Windows 10 operating system is not compatible with the Airplay receiver.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to duplicate an iOS device screen on a Windows PC using a utility called LonelyScreen. To begin with, all you need is an Apple device compatible with Airplay. Also, to reflect the display of the iOS device in Windows 10, you need to have the Airplay receiver on your Windows PC, and LonelyScreen plays an Airplay receiver role when installing on a Windows PC. Once this is done, your PC is enabled for Airplay and you are ready to copy the screen of your iOS device to the screen of the Windows PC.

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Screen Mirroring iPhone/iPad Screen to Windows 10 PC


First, you will have to download and install the Lonely Screen executable from This will also install the Bonjour software that is essential for AirPlay. We have to mention that LonelyScreen is not free, but offers subscription-based plans, so you should use the trial version.

  • If you receive a browser warning that blocks the installation, simply select Private networks and click Allow access button.
  • Press the Repair button (Administrator).
  • By solving the problem, you can begin to duplicate. You can change the server name as you wish, which will help you search the list of Airplay receivers on your iOS device.
  • Switch to iPhone or iPad and slide up from your finger from the base of the device to open the control centre
  • Touch Screen Mirroring / Airplay to open the Mirroring Screen options.
  • Screen Mirroring lists the device available for duplication.
  • Select your Windows desktop.
  • Move the Screen Mirroring option to ON.
  • Check the LonelyScreen on your system that will show your iOS device.

To record the iPhone or iPad screen with LonelyScreen, click on the Start recording option at the bottom of the window.


To stop recording when finished, click the Stop recording button.

Other options:

  • iTools AirPlayer is a free tool that helps you copy the iOS screen to a PC, but it is only available in Chinese.
  • You can also use the free TeamViewer to duplicate the screens of iOS devices on your PC. You will need to install the TeamViewer software on your Windows PC and the TeamViewer Quick Support application from Apple Store on your iPhone. You will see the screen sharing and recording options in Settings> Control Center.
  • ApowerManager Phone Manager, Reflector2 and Mirroring360 are other payment tools that allow you to bring the screen of the iPhone to the PC.
    That is all in screen mirroring!
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