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iOS Emulator For Windows PC: Run iPhone Apps On Windows

If you do not have iOS devices and you want to run an exclusive iOS application, then you may wonder how to run iOS apps on a Windows PC. IOS emulators for Windows are the best way to do it. Next, I will show you which are the 5 best iOS emulators for Windows.

Top 5 iOS Emulator For PC


5.      Smartface

It comes as an iPhone emulator for Windows that offers a complete experience. It works better to offer Windows users the experience of running iOS-based applications.


4.      iPadian emulator

It is the iOS emulator for Windows PC that offers an experience similar to that of the iPad. This emulator grants access to the App Store and you can download and install any iOS application without problems.

The iPadian emulator has a nice GUI and shows a high compatibility rate between iOS and Windows applications. iPadian comes in a free version and a paid version.


Appetize is an online emulator that is capable of running both iOS applications and Android applications on Windows PC.

This emulator is recommended if you are a developer and want to test your applications since it has many functions. offers a 100-minute trial version for iOS and Android emulators, after which it would cost $ 0.05 per minute.

2.      Xamarin Testflight Emulator

Xamarin is another iOS emulator for Windows PC. Xamarin Testflight Emulator has a friendly graphical user interface and offers advanced support for running iOS applications and games on Windows.

The users of Xamarin iOS Emulator for Windows reported an impeccable operation of all iOS applications, without delay, which makes it one of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC.

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Xamarin Testflight costs $ 25 per month and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iPhone and iPad.


1.      Nintendo 3DS Emulator

As the Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC, you can run iOS games and applications without problems. Launched in 2010, Nintendo 3DS Emulator received, since then, a very positive response from iOS fans around the world.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is running iOS games on Windows PC with high resolutions and excellent 3D graphics.

Also, the Nintendo 3DS Emulator is running Nintendo 3DS games on Windows PC without problems or errors.


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