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Remove Apps From Mac With System Integrity Protection


I have never had much interest in chess, but as macOS seems to think that the game is so critical to my OS, I am forbidden to uninstall it. You can not drag it to the trash. You cannot order: delete it. You’re stuck looking at it in your Finder forever unless you become a bit creative.

I was thinking about how to remove applications like these, including you, DVD player when I reinstalled macOS the other day. It’s easy to do if you do not mind a bit of a fear factor. That and the possibility that these applications simply come back the next time you install a major system update.

First, simply try deleting commands (or dragging the trash) the application as usual. In my case, that solved my problems with the DVD player perfectly, not so much for chess. For that, I had to be a little more creative.

Before starting now is a good time to realize that you probably should not go crazy about the removal, since the removal of some applications could affect the operation of macOS. Even if you never plan to use Maps or FaceTime, for example, it’s better to leave them on your system anyway (just make a new folder in Finder called “applications I hate” and place them, and your friends, there).

There is no useful list of “applications that you can remove that will not mess up your system later,” so use a little common sense: deleting the app store is probably bad. Delete the calculator? You are probably clean.

Disable system integrity protection

To get rid of Chess forever, I first had to disable the macOS system integrity protection. Normally I would not recommend doing this, as it is great protection that protects critical system files (like chess, of course) from being modified by other applications. Also, it will activate again in a minute, so do not panic.

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This step is easy. Restart your computer and hold Command + R, which starts you in the recovery mode of macOS. Click Utilities, then Terminal and type “csrutil disable”, press Enter, type your password and press Enter once more. Restart your Mac

Putting Chess back in the box

system integrity protection

Once you have gone back to macOS, go to the useful little AppCleaner removal application, which does an excellent job of making sure that every trace of a program is removed from your system whenever it disappears. Download it and turn it on, it does not require installation, click on its name in the menu bar and select Preferences. Uncheck the option “Protect the default OS X applications” and then close the window. Drag any application you do not want to the main AppCleaner window, click Delete and hope you did not ruin your Mac by uninstalling Calendar. (Spoiler: You probably did)

Rehabilitation of system integrity protection

Once you have finished deleting, repeat the steps to Disable System Integrity Protection. Only, this time, type “csrutil enable” in the Terminal and press Enter.

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