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Play Android Games On PC In 5 Minutes

Are you thinking about taking your mobile gaming relationship to the next level and learning how to play android games on PC? Here you will get to know everything on how to play android games on PC with minimal effort. Earlier we wrote on how to run windows 7 on android.

Back in the day, your current Android device comes with a mediocre processor and barely a gigabyte of RAM. These specifications were decent for the simplest times when I expected your mobile phone to be, well, a mobile phone. The makers of Android have improved the hardware to such an extent that there is finally room for serious mobile games.

Mobile games are incomparable for PCs and consoles, but we’ve come a long way from Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Major game studios such as Rockstar and Electronic Arts have invested heavily in the mobile gaming platform for all the right reasons. But the smaller screen can hinder your gaming experience and makes you want to learn to play Android games on the PC.

How to play Android games on PC

But how is it possible to play games designed for the Android operating system to work on your PC? All you need is an emulator to make everything work, and we have selected BlueStacks for this project. This amazing Android emulator is all you need to help you understand how to play Android games on PC in the most natural way.

Our test team: the system we use to test this guide on how to play Android games on PC comes with a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor. Along with Intel HD graphics, 8 GB of RAM and a 15.6-inch Full HD screen, the system runs Windows 10 Home Edition. The performance of BlueStacks and the Android games it emulates may vary depending on the configuration of your system.

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Step 1: Configuring BlueStacks

Download Bluestack For Your PC

BlueStacks is based on the Android SDK tools provided by Google to help developers design and test their applications. BlueStacks has become popular as one of Android’s favourite computer emulators, along with its own BlueStack Gaming Platform.

To begin, you must download and install BlueStacks 3 on your Windows computer. Continue and visit the official BlueStacks website and download the software using the link that is detailed below.

Once you have installed BlueStacks on your computer, the entire installation process should take only a couple of minutes. From the beginning, you’ll be asked to set up your Google account with BlueStacks, in the same way, you would need it on a new Android device.

BlueStacks will work as a standard device, with the difference that you can use it on your computer. From installing almost any game from Google Play Store (or even APK files) to running multiple screens of Android devices at once, you can do it all with BlueStacks.

Step 2: Configure the BlueStacks configuration

What you get when you try out how to play Android games on your PC depends completely on your computer. BlueStacks comes with default settings to give you rich user experience. However, you may need to tweak the Settings menu to improve the performance of your Android game emulator.

  • From the main screen of BlueStacks, go to Settings using the sliding menu.
  • On the Display tab, choose the lowest aspect ratio (1280 x 720) to get the most performance.
  • Use the Motor tab, choose OpenGL or DirectX depending on which your computer system supports.
  • In the CPU and RAM allocation, set the CPU cores to the maximum number and the memory to the available amount.
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Once you have made the changes, the BlueStacks application must be restarted to take effect. The available firepower depends solely on the hardware specifications of your Windows PC, so be sure to adjust them accordingly.

Step 3: Install an Android game on the PC

With the software configured on your computer and the configuration set, everything is ready. Fortunately, you will not have to search for APKs to learn how to play Android games on the PC. BlueStacks comes with pre-installed Google Play Store to support hundreds and thousands of popular applications.

  • Continue and take a look at all the applications and games that you can install with App Center.
  • To start, use the search bar and type the game you want to install on your virtual Android device.
  • The whole experience is familiar to the Google Play Store that you would use on your normal Android device. Simply press the Install button and wait while the game is downloaded.
  • Once the application is installed, it will be automatically added to My Apps.

Step 4: Setting the controls

Once you have your favourite Android game installed on your computer, you should use the new controls. Luckily for you, understanding how to play Android games on the PC is much simpler with the reassignment of the keyboard. BlueStacks not only allows you to reassign controls for each game, but it also comes with gamepad support.

  • Once you have launched a game, you will see the UI button of keyboard controls at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pressing the button will show the complete interface that allows you to reassign the virtual keys with your keyboard.
  • You can also connect a controller and use the quick keys to configure any game with it.
  • Also, the user interface comes with special features for shooting games, MOBA games and even support for the accelerometer.
  • Once you have reconfigured the keys, press the Save and go button.
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After trying BlueStacks with FIFA Mobile, we urge all football fans to try it on their PC. Although the keyboard controls are less than ideal, so we recommend that you get a controller that goes with it. The exciting part is that you can replace the slide gestures with your mouse (works even better with a touchpad).

Wrapping it

In 2012, when Android was about to go big, BlueStacks was the only real way you could learn to play Android games on the PC. However, today there is much fish in the sea, with emerging names like Nox and MEmu that have made a name for themselves.

To be surer that we present the best guide on how to play Android games on PC, we tried other emulators as well. Although the others have a good classification, we noticed that BlueStacks not only exceeded them but also offered better screen refresh rates.

Although there are some compatibility problems and you may not be able to play all the Android games on the PC. However, we tested a score of some graphics-intensive game titles on our standard gaming platform, and the experience was enjoyable.

Is this tutorial on how to play Android games on PC what you need to bring mobile games to the big screen? Have we skipped the details that could improve the performance of the game with BlueStacks? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.


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