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Oppo F5 Review, Price And Specifications

Oppo F5: No matter how embarrassed you look at adults or teenagers, especially in public places, giving them the best opportunity to capture the perfect selfie, you better learn to live with it. The selfie is here to stay, and maybe that’s why brands are attending to this “rage.”
A brand that has consistently created smartphones centered on selfies and has recorded its name in the smartphone market is Oppo. When the Oppo F5 – the latest offer of selfies – landed at our review desk, there was a sense of skepticism. Is this a smartphone that is good at clicking on good selfies but is inept at other things? Or is it a smartphone that goes beyond USP? Read our review to learn more:

Design and visualization

The Oppo F5 is a large phone, but surprisingly it does not feel that big once you start using it. It is a smartphone that grows in you. The review unit we obtained was hot gold that comes with a matte metallic texture. To give it a premium look, Oppo has opted for a chrome ring that extends across the sides of the phone. There is a kind of iPhone 7 appearance on the phone. Even if you are fussy about the appearance of your smartphone, Oppo F5 should satisfy your need for an attractive device. It’s not a phone that will make you look great, but it’s nothing to make fun of it either.
The power button and the dual SIM tray are on the right, while the volume buttons are located on the left side. The top part of the smartphone has a microphone, and at the bottom, you get a micro USB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack and the loudspeaker grille. The fingerprint sensor is on the back and works like an amulet.

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For a large device, the Oppo F5 is lightweight (152 grams), and the phone is easy to grasp. Forget about using it with one hand, although it is easy to handle. At 7.5mm, the Oppo F5 is considerably thin.
In the Oppo F5, there is face recognition which is a way of saying that you do not have to spend Rs 89,000 to get that “exciting” feature. There was no problem setting up FaceID – oops which is perhaps a trademark of Apple – or facial recognition since it took us two tries to set it up. Unlocking the smartphone with him was also very easy since maybe only once in low light conditions, it could not be unlocked.
For a phone that costs Rs 19.999 (N110,000 or $308), it expects you to have a screen that does not give you any reason to complain. The Oppo F5 delivers a lot of what it promises with its display. The 6-inch Full HD + screen panel offers an aspect ratio of 18: 9, which gives it a significant boost. The viewing angles are reasonable, as are the brightness levels. Using the Oppo F5 in sunlight will not squint or put in extra effort to read. The larger screen ensures that reading e-books and watching videos is very pleasant. Even games are more fun to play in the Oppo F5 thanks to its impressive display.

Performance and camera

Image result for oppo f5

It is useless to mention delays and stuttering on most phones with prices above 15,000 rupees. Surely we do not expect smartphones to perform terribly on their flagship phones, right? Most of these smartphones are powered by processors that are capable of offering smooth and reliable performance. The processor in Oppo F5 is a MediaTek MT6763T and has eight ARM Cortex A53 cores. There is also an integrated Mali-G71 MP2 GPU and an enhanced image processor. The Oppo F5 comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

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Now on the front much promoted, excuse me, the selfie camera that has artificial intelligence capabilities. The Oppo F5 comes with a 20MP sensor on the front and has a depth effect that is surprisingly lacking in the rear camera. Since these are mainly selfies these days, Oppo knows its target customers and does not disappoint them. Quite frankly, the selfie camera takes surprisingly good images. AI mode helps images that are clicked in low light and “beauty” features are also improved. Go outside, fortunately not in a mall, to click on a selfie and the images are sharp and vibrant. One night with your friends on the roof Coffee and Oppo F5 click on great selfies.

What works in favor of the front camera is that it does not cause the images to be seen with open eyes, a problem that most cameras suffer from other phones. The integration of AI is indeed an addition that makes the Oppo F5 camera a winner.
The rear camera is also not complicated and clicks on satisfactory images. Maybe it’s the Oppo F5’s screen, but the pictures look sharp. The detailed is done very well, and the colors are not saturated. There are usual modes (HDR, Panorama, Beauty) and even the camera application takes a lot of iOS. If the camera, more specifically the front camera, is a critical factor in the purchase of a smartphone, then continue with the Oppo F5. It is the outstanding feature of the smartphone, and it fulfills what it promises.
A rare occasion of a smartphone that speaks and walks.

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For Rs 19.999 (N110,000 or $308), the Oppo F5 is as good as the smartphone you can get. Most importantly, it fulfills the promise of being an excellent smartphone focused on selfies. Added to this are its impressive screen, good battery life and solid overall performance that makes it a strong competitor in an already crowded segment.
There are options like the recently launched LG V30 and Xiaomi Redmi Y1, but the scale is tilted in favor of Oppo F5 due to its integrated front camera in AI.


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