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Official: IPhone 8 Design Confirmed 2017 [PHOTOS]

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IPhone 8 Design Confirmed

IPhone 8 leaks were unmatched and a growing number beat Apple AAPL + 0.31% plans to deliver its largest ever iPhone redesign to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Now with exclusive new information I can confirm that this will happen …

With the case designer Nodus, I was able to get CAD files for the iPhone 8 via its supply chain. We did this to visualize the final design, and I can confirm that, despite the fear that Apple would fall back on a less ambitious “Plan B”, are unfounded.

Consequently, one can expect Apple to release an iPhone 8, which almost completely eliminates the choppy screens of the previous iPhones. A long-stretched and enlarged 5.8-inch display has a recess at the top for the front camera and the sensors and it should mean that notifications switch to a new ‘function area’ in iOS 11.

In addition, Apple will in fact replace the horizontally-oriented dual rearview camera of the iPhone 7 Plus with a vertically-oriented shooter on the iPhone 8. This switch supports Apple’s Big Drive in Augmented Reality, where horizontally oriented cameras are more effective and the phone is expected to be held in a landscape orientation.

In addition, while it is not shown in the renderings, I can also confirm that the lighting port remains and there will be no switch to USB Type-C on the iPhone 8 despite its widespread adoption on MacBooks. The headphone jack will not return.

Perhaps the biggest red point, however, is the home button.

Apple will almost double its size for the iPhone 8 and with touch-ID integration in the display still in doubt, the company could easily use this larger button to copy Sony and integrate touch ID into the power button instead. This would be an inconspicuous workaround and Apple has already received a patent for it.

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So, how confident are Nodus and I about the render? To the extent that Nodus was happy for me to reveal it publicly as a source and to reveal that the company is prototyping its retail cases. Similar leaks saw Olixar take a step further and start selling Galaxy Note 8 cases last month.

Some iPhone 8 secrets still remain: battery capacity, camera specifications, A11 chipset performance, and whether it will be as a droppingly price as expensive as expected. But when it comes to ladies and gentlemen, this is the iPhone 8.

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