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How To Mute Video Ads On Chrome Using Canary Chrome 2017

How To Mute Video Ads On Chrome 2017

Canary Chrome: In April, the sedimentation process added to the Chrome browser, which stopped the screen from jumping to a position higher than where you were reading. Now they are working on something better. Chrome users will soon be able to mute video ads that are automatically uploaded to a website.

At the moment, a silent video is only available in Canary Chrome, the Chrome version that Google uses to test new features. Canary crashes, so you’ll decide whether to mute those annoying video ads worth gambling.

Here’s how to add discard audio to Canary Chrome.

If you do not have Canary Chrome, you can get it here. You can run Canary and the regular version of Chrome at the same time.

Create a Canary shortcut on your desktop.
Right-click on the shortcut and select the Shortcut tab.
Add “-enable-vitores = soundcontentsting”
Click OK.
Here’s how to ignore video ads on a website with mute enabled.

Click the green Signor or Location Information icon (the “I” character in a circle) on the left side of the address bar when you’re on the website you want to ignore.

Select “Sound” in the drop-down box.
Select “Always block this site.”
The ad will be uploaded when you visit the site, but the sound will be blocked. In fact, all audio streaming from the site will be blocked until you change the setting. If there’s something on the website you want to hear, check the drop-down box, enable audio, listen to what you want, and always “ban” again.


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