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Minecraft Online: How To Setup [SPONSORED]

How To Play Minecraft Online

How To Play Minecraft Online

How To Play Minecraft Online


Minecraft Online: Minecraft is a great game to play for yourself. But after a while, you will probably begin to feel bored. It’s time to bring in other players to share the Minecraft experience! Fortunately, thanks to its design, connecting with other players is a breeze.


Join a multiplayer game (PC / Mac)

Find a server to play on. To play Minecraft online, you must find a server you want to connect to. You can not browse servers from Minecraft; Instead, you search for servers using your web browser. There are several specialized sites in the server lists, and many famous servers have their websites. Some of the largest server referencing sites include:
MinecraftForum.net server section
PlanetMinecraft.com server section

Locate server IP address. It will look like mc.wubcraft.com or It may also have a port at the end displayed as 25565.

Steps To Take To Join A Multiplayer Game

  • Decide which server is best for you.

There are things you will want to pay attention to when selecting a server to play Minecraft online. Different servers offer incredibly different experiences, and most will have descriptions that you can read. Look for some significant details before choosing a server to try.

How to choose the right server
  1. Type of game – While many servers offer the standard gameplay of Minecraft online, there are plenty of servers with different game modes. These range from flag capture to role play to character, and everything in between.
    Whitelist – If a server is whitelisted, it only accepts users who have been registered. This usually means that you will need to create an account on the server’s website to log in.
  2. Population – This is the size of people currently playing Minecraft online, as well as the maximum number of people. Note that you may not be playing with all these people. Servers often split large populations across multiple servers.
  3. PvP – This means “Player vs. Player”, and means players can tackle each other. These can be tough servers if you are new to the game.
  4. Uptime – This is the frequency with which the server is online and available. If you plan to play a lot online, you will need to find a server with 95% uptime or better.
  • Copy the IP address of the server.

To connect to a server, you will need the IP address of the server. You can find this IP address in the server list. The IP will be groups of numbers and letters separated by dots. Highlight the address and copy it to your clipboard.

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  • Check the version of the server game.

Servers sometimes run on older versions of Minecraft online, as it takes time for server tools to be upgraded to new releases. Always keep in mind the version of Minecraft that the server is running.

Launch the Minecraft launcher and set your game to the correct version. Before you start the Minecraft online game, load the launcher and take note of the version of Minecraft displayed in the lower right corner. If this is different from the version that the server is running, you must edit your profile to load the correct version.

  • Click the Edit Profile button in the lower left corner.
  • Click “Use Version” drop-down menu and select the version corresponding to the server. Click “Save Profile” to save your changes.
  • Try creating a new profile specifically for the server. If you connect to multiple different servers running different versions, you can create separate profiles for each one. This will make the connection much simpler.


  • Launch Minecraft and click on “Multiplayer.”

This will open the Multiplayer menu. Click on the “Add a server” button. This should open the Edit Server Info screen.

Paste the address into the “Server Address” field. In the “SERVER NAME” field add a name. This can be any name, but entering the actual name of the server will help you identify it.
Click “Done” to save the server information. Your newly added server will appear on your game list.
If the server does not appear, make sure that you have correctly entered the server address.

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Select the server and click the “Join the server” button. Minecraft will then try to connect the server and load the world. If you receive any message that the server is running a different version, make sure that you have selected the correct version from the Profile menu.


Start playing Minecraft online on the server. Most servers will appear to you in a docking area. Here you will find rules and instructions on how to use the server, as well as information on how to reach the rest of the players.
When playing on a public server, make sure you do not destroy any creatives. Not only is this considered gross, but you will probably be banned from most peaceful servers.
Follow the rules of the server. Minecraft online is a more enjoyable experience when everyone follows the same guidelines. The rules vary from server to server, so be sure to read the information in the Welcome box and check the server’s website.

To chat with others playing Minecraft online just press T., This will open the chat window that you can use to type messages. Remember that when you play on public servers, you talk to strangers, so do not give any personal information.


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