How To Migrate To Glo Bumpa 2018


Migrate To Glo Bumpa

 Nigeria Globacom presented its new fresh tariff plan. So, what are the benefits of this plan and would you like to know how to migrate to the GLO Bumpa plan?

What is the GLO Bumpa rate plan?! In fact, GLO Bumpa is a prepaid phone tariff plan. This means that when you pay from N100 and above, you will receive 200% bonus to call all other networks in Nigeria. In other words, every time you pay you will recharge your phone, you will receive three times as much value.

For example, when you pay N1,000 you will receive N3,000 (N1,000 in the main account and N2,000 in bonus one). In addition, you will have the opportunity to use the Internet, send SMS and make calls to all operators in Nigeria from your bonus balance.

The main benefits of the GLO Bumpa rate plan Today, there are so many different rate plans, and they all seem to be very beneficial. But why should we go for the GLO Bumpa rate plan?!

Here is the list of advantages of this rate:

how to migrate to glo bumpa 1) You can make calls to any network using the bonus account at 50k / s.

2) You can send SMS in N4 each of the same bonus accounts.

3) You can use your bonus account to surf the Internet at 5k / s.

4) The bonus is quite cumulative because the more you pay, the more bonuses you will receive.

5) Late night calls (between 00:00 am – 04:59 am) are accessible in the GLO Bumpa plan. While during the day the minimum use is N30 of your main account.

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Glo Bumpa rate plan?

So, if you are interested in this rate plan, let’s take a look at how to migrate to it. By the way, it is quite easy to migrate. All that is needed is for you to be a GLO user. You can only dial the code for the GLO Bumpa plan from your phone: * 100 * 10 * 1 # and then press 1 to confirm. Any migration is free if you are migrating for the first time. How to check your GLO Bumpa bonus account? If you want to check your account balance, you can check this combination: # 122 * 2 #.

Despite the multiple benefits of GLO Bumpa’s rate plan, you should remember that each bonus will only last one week, after which you will have to charge again to get another. As you can see, this new rate plan is very beneficial and has many fun benefits. In addition, it is very easy to migrate. In addition, if it is your first tariff migration, it will be free for you. Good luck and enjoy communication with friends and family!

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