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Make Your Android Look Like iPhone X Smartphone

iphone x smartphone

Make your Android look like iPhone X smartphone: last year, the giant iPhone manufacturer Apple introduced the next generation iPhone, in which most of the news was the iPhone X. The company had introduced this smartphone with flagship features; the most notable feature was the Face Recognition function. Make your Android look like iPhone X smartphone with this application

How To make your Android look like iPhone X smartphone.

iphone x

That is, Apple introduced the first phone of that type in the market, which could unlock with the face. After the introduction of this function, on the one hand, smartphone technology reached even higher levels, on the other hand, users had appreciated this HiTEC mobile security feature.
After Apple, Samsung and many other companies have also provided facial recognition features along with their flagship smartphone, and many companies are offering facial unlocking features to their users through software updates.

However, these features have not yet reached the phone of many brands. If you are a smartphone user and want to use the Face Unlock feature on your phone to increase the security of the mood data inside your phone, here we will tell you about an application.

When you install it on your phone, your smartphone will start functioning as an iPhone X smartphone. For this, your phone should work with the Android 7.0 operating system or higher.

Step 1- First look at the AutoInput application by visiting the Google Play store. This is a paid application, although its free version is also available, which you can use. Now download and install this application on your mobile.

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Step 2- Now, after opening this application, you will have two options. These options are ‘Buy full version’ and ‘Use free’. If you select “Use for free,” you should see the 1-minute ad. You have to see this ad every day. On the other hand, if you use your paid version, you must download another AutoApps application and buy and spend Rs. 110
Step 3- Go back to the AutoInput application now. Enable ‘Auto Discard Keyguard’ here.

Step 4 – Go to the phone settings now. Go to the security option here. Now click on Smart Lock.
Step 5- Here you will see a trusted face option. Touch to OK Now you can unlock your phone with your face.

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