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get paid to test products

Crowdville is an innovative platform that gives you the opportunity to get paid to test products and services. As this crowdsourcing website is launched in the UK, here are all the details on how to register.

That they pay you just for giving your opinion about something seems too good to be true, right? The truth is that this is exactly how Crowdville works. By helping, companies find errors with their unpublished applications, or simply by giving their opinion about their user experience, they will be paid. It’s as easy as that. And even if you can not become a millionaire overnight, it’s a practical way to earn cash, and you get the first look at new and exciting applications.

How does Crowdville work exactly?

Crowdville works according to the ideals of crowdtesting: a growing trend that obtains all the benefits of crowdsourcing but specifically to test software. In Crowdville, brands test their new products and services in Crowdville’s Crowdville online community, and the website makes it easy for anyone to participate. Best of all, you can participate in Crowdville missions from the comfort of your own home using your own smartphone or computer, which is useful when you are on the move.

Crowdville started in Italy in 2014, and when you sign up you will join an existing community of around 30,000 dedicated Crowders. As companies start noticing the importance of listening to their customer base, it means that their opinion is more valued than ever and, therefore, Crowdville users are essential for brands that will launch new products to the market. Another good news for Crowders is that the more missions you take, the more you gain, so it’s really worth getting stuck.

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How to register and get paid to test products

Crowdville is right in this second release in the United Kingdom, so you can get an idea of the site by participating in your Pilot Mission. The missions range from simple surveys to bug-finding tests, and by completing the missions you will be helping to shape the way media, telecommunications and banking companies launch their products to the market.

To register, go to (you can register using your Facebook username) and complete your profile online. There is an internal social network called Otium, where you can stay up-to-date on everything related to Crowdville, and that’s where you’ll find new missions. Also, you are allowed to invite friends to join you and, if you complete the tasks, you will receive a payment. It’s new and I hope to see Crowdville grow in the coming months and years.


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