LG G6+ Prime Exclusive Review, Specifications And Price

We have reviewed some exclusive Amazon Prime phones in the past. These phones are more or less the same phones as your operator or counterparts unlocked with some exceptions. Until recently, these Prime Exclusive phones, including the LG G6 + version, all had screen lock ads. Amazon offered the phones at a discount but essentially took over their Lockscreen. Now, Amazon has stepped back in that practice and removed these ads.

This makes the Amazon version of the LG G6 + much better. Now the phone is essentially the same as any unlocked or operator version, but without screen lock ads. Continue reading to get a complete review of the LG G6 + Prime exclusive smartphone.

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LG G6+ Prime Exclusive Specifications

  • Display: 5.7 “2880 × 1440 HD IPS LCD with 561 dpi
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Memory: 128GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821
  • CPU: Quad-Core 2350 MHz, Kyro, 64-bit, 14nm
  • GPU: Adreno 530
  • Front camera: 5 MP wide angle
  • Rear camera: 13 MP, f / 1.8
  • Battery: 3,300 mAh battery
  • Sensors: fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, compass / GPS
  • Waterproof grade: IP68
  • Dimensions: 5.86 x 2.83 x 0.31 inches (148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm)


  • LG G6 + Android smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Wall grass
  • USB charging cable type C to type A
  • Documentation and Manuals


The LG G6 + does not differ from many other flagship phones when it comes to design. Thin bevels along the left and right and slightly larger bevels at the top and bottom. This makes it look like you’re holding the whole screen, and that’s not a bad thing at all. The front camera is just above (left) the screen and the headset is barely noticeable in the center.

Flipping the phone reveals the crystal again. The glass on the back does not feel as slippery like the iPhone X or Essential PH-1. The dual cameras are also on the back along with the dual LED flash and the power button/fingerprint sensor. Yes, the power button. The power button of the LG G6 + is integrated with the fingerprint sensor on the back, and I am not a supporter of the location. Along the top edge of the phone, you’ll find the Hi-Fi headphone jack and a microphone. The headphone jack has a built-in 32-bit DAC that allows you to connect nice headphones and listen to the high-fidelity audio.

The USB charging port type C, the second microphone and the loudspeaker are located on the lower edge of the phone. The left part of the edge contains the volume buttons and the right edge of the phone has the tray of the SIM / SD card. All the buttons on the LG are tactile and give good feedback in addition to the power button, which is a bit annoying to handle, for my taste.

The phone feels nice in your hand with its aluminum frame. It’s not too heavy, but it feels like a kind of feather. It also has IP 68 rating so that it can enter about 5 ‘of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. Just make sure you let it dry completely before plugging it in.

In general, this is a simple and nice design that is a kind of standard among smartphones these days. It should attract almost everyone.


Like other flagships, the LG G6 + has an aspect ratio of 18: 9 that is popular these days. The screen is 5.7 “with a QHD + resolution of 2880 × 1440 which is quite normal for phones of this caliber.At present, the front of most screens is essential for smartphones.The angles are annoying and unpleasant and LG understood the message.

The screen also has compatibility with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which makes watching movies much better. The additional features of HDR10 and Dolby Vision help to bring colors to light, blacks become deeper, and give better detail to images. You’ll see this better with HDR content. It will not affect content other than HDR, so be sure to try Netflix HDR on this smartphone.

LG also offers you numerous viewing options in the configuration application, which include:

  • Font type
  • Font size
  • Bold text
  • Application scaling (adjust the screen size of applications)
  • Display size (sets items on the screen to an easy-to-view size)
  • Comfort view (reduce visual fatigue with this configuration)
  • Brightness
  • Always on display (this turns on or off the lock screen always on)
  • Home touch buttons (select, choose and arrange buttons on screen)
  • KnockON (allows you to double lock screen to turn on / off)

The screen of the LG G6 + is a flagship screen. One thing to always remember is that it should be added: our first LG G6 + review unit suffered some ghost effects or defective bands. We contacted Amazon and sent a new unit immediately. The new G6 + screen was perfect, so if it comes to a bad screen, you should immediately contact Amazon to replace it.

In general, this is a big screen. Not only is it fun to use it to watch Netflix HDR content, but it’s also a very nice panel in general.


This device ships with Android 7.0 installed, with the hope that LG will press an update of 8.0. As with any other manufacturer, you will get LG’s interface on Android. Like Samsung, LG offers three different ways to use the phone. You have Home, Easy Home and Home and App Drawer. The House option is more similar to what you would see in China, Korea and other countries. It is very similar to an iPhone with all its applications on the home screen and without a separate application drawer.

The Easy Home mode is a simplified version with large fonts and very easy to use navigation. This is probably the one you want your grandparents or children to use. The Start mode and Application drawer are more similar to what we are used to here in the USA. UU With a home screen and a separate application drawer. The LG interface requires a little navigation to access the menus and discover how you want your settings. But it is not difficult to understand.

There are a handful of pre-installed LG apps and, since this is an Amazon Prime exclusive phone, you get all pre-installed Amazon apps. The good news is that there is 128 GB of storage, so these applications are not eating everything. Although applications cannot be uninstalled, they can be disabled so that they do not appear on the home screen or in the application drawer. Android 7.0 works well on the LG G6 +, but we hope to see Android 8.0 sometime soon.

In general, this is a typical Android with manufacturer overlay. Some additional applications can be annoying and it is possible that the LG UX is not your cup of tea, but you can install a different launcher and take care of that.


The LG G6 + flagship phone is having fun with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4 GB of RAM. The games on the phone worked without problems and the games with the intensive use of the CPU will make the phone warm up a bit, but it is not crazy. The navigation, the email, the application change and the daily tasks were easy. The displacement was also smooth, from time to time there was a stutter in some web pages but nothing that was a decisive factor.

In general, the performance of the LG G6 + was exactly as expected given the phone’s specifications. Most people should be satisfied with the performance of this phone.


This is a flagship device and, therefore, it should have a good camera, and it does. The cameras of smartphones have lately become something subjective, most of the flagships are quite competitive with each other. At least for the average consumer they are. You will see that the fanboys of certain devices declare that their camera is superior. Quite frankly, average buyers will be happy with the camera of almost any flagship device.

That said, the LG G6 + produces pretty solid images. The photos taken in good light are excellent, with good saturation of color but not super supersaturated. The low light output is acceptable. Even the best cameras will have grain problems in low light. There are other better flagships in low light, but the LG G6 + does a decent job.

There are a lot of configurations within the camera application if you want more granular settings. I suspect that most average users will never enter the camera configuration and only point and shoot.

In general, the camera is solid in the LG G6 +. It will do the job, and it is on a par with other emblematic devices, giving or receiving.


Some smartphones are doing a better job updating their speakers. The LG G6 + is not one of them. The lower ignition speaker is metallic and lacks bass response. It will do so for YouTube videos that do not include music, but you’ll want to use a good pair of headphones to get optimal sound for entertainment.

Speaking of headphones. The headphone jack has a built-in 32-bit DAC so you can listen to the Hi-Fi audio. The headphone jack not only offers a better sound in general but if you have a subscription to the Tidal or FLAC files you want to listen to, this headphone jack will be played in high-quality audio. Bluetooth headsets are an option but you will not get Hi-Fi playback.

In general, the sound of the integrated speaker is weak, nothing really out of the ordinary. The good news is that the headphone jack provides high fidelity audio incompatible files and transmissions.


The reception was good, I used this phone on T-Mobile’s LTE network and everything was perfect. The quality of the call was also good, the people who called me could hear me and I could also hear them.


I usually start using my phone at 5 a.m. by streaming music and podcasts on the way to work and taking calls, text messages, answering email, browsing, watching YouTube and playing games all day long. I also have Wi-Fi on all the time, as well as GPS, Bluetooth and screen brightness set at 100%. The LG G6 + lasted me from 5 a.m. Until 9 PM. with a 5-10% remaining battery at the end of the day. Your results may vary depending on your use.


LG and operator prices on the LG G6 + are USD 799.99. The Amazon Prime exclusive price is USD 519.99. That is a tremendous value for this phone.


The LG G6 + holds up against other flagship devices in most categories, as well as its price. But the exclusive version of Amazon Prime is a real bargain with Prime prices. You can not exceed $ 519.99 for a phone of this caliber. And with the screen lock ads now gone, it’s an even sweeter deal.


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