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iPhone 7 Not Charging: how To Fix In 3 Minutes

iphone 7 not charging

Why is my iPhone 7 not charging? Maybe because the iPhone 7 charging port is full of dust, the iPhone 7 charging cable does not work, etc.

iPhone 7 Not Charging

iPhone 7 not charging – Problems and hardware solutions:

1. You can even borrow a charging cable from friends or family or change new accessories to try. Just keep in mind that low-quality third-party iPhone charger cables can also cause charging problems on the iPhone, so an original charging cable for iPhone 7 is suggested.

2. If you join your iPhone 7 together with the PC and you find that it is not charging,

You could use a wall outlet and check the company’s connections between your charging cable, the USB wall adapter and the wall outlet, or try a different outlet to see if the iPhone 7 charges. >> How to repair iPhone 7 Does not stick to the computer’s USB

3. Use the toothpick or a small needle to clean the charging port or blower on the base of your iPhone to remove any dirt, then plug the charging cable into your iPhone. If the charging port is already damaged, your device may need repair support.

4. Turn off the iPhone 7 and then control for a few minutes or half an hour. If you did not observe the charging screen in one hour, evaluate if the accessories are defective or connected correctly.

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Fix the iPhone 7 not charging – Problems and software solutions:

1. Some technical flaws in the applications can also cause your iPhone 7 not charging. You can force the restart of your iPhone 7: press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds before you see the Apple logo. Then, let your iPhone 7 re-bill for another half hour.

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2. Check the software update and make sure you have installed the latest version of iOS. Go to Settings> General> Software update> Download and then Install.

3. In case your iPhone 7 still does not turn on or does not charge, try reactivating your iPhone 7 to the factory settings in iTunes.


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