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Increase Download Speed On Any Android Phone

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Are you fed up with your slow download speed? Nowadays that is a generalized challenge with each Android person. Do not fear right here. I will inform you how to increase the download speed on Android, which will simply increase the download speed of Android. Android is the best platform to get something as we would like. We use Android more than PC to download songs, movies, video games, etc. as a result of which nobody is ready to sit at the entrance of the PC for a long time.

The Android phone makes our work simpler and faster and, these days, the Android platform must be as innovative as possible. All people like to pay attention to music, watch movies and enjoy video games on their Android phone; However, for that, we must first get music, video games and movies released recently so that we would like a tremendous speed. For this, in any other case, it takes a long time to finish the download.

Every Android person wants a tremendous speed of fast download on their phone. For a fast web speed, we must make use of the Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G information connection. But, in general, in 3G / 4G connections, also, we get a very slow speed and we can not get the pleasure of our favourite movie simply because of the slow download speed. After many people start searching on Google about how you can improve the speed of obtaining Android or the technique to increase the speed of obtaining, some people will receive a specified response, but others will not.

So I decided to share the best methods to extend the download speed on Android. After studying this complete information to increase the speed of obtaining, you will be able to obtain something with tremendous excessive speed. There are so many causes that decrease our speed of obtaining, so we will need to repair them to increase the download speed in the Android cell. Here I will share all the strategies you need to observe that you probably have the will to improve your speed of obtaining. You should simply observe some guidelines and you should install some applications on your Android to get a fast download speed on your phone.

How to increase the download speed in Android

Are you afraid of the slow download speed on your Android? Do you need to increase the speed of obtaining in Android? Yes, sure! Then this tutorial is written specifically for you. Here I am sharing some of the best methods to extend the download speed on Android. You simply must observe the steps given below to give more flavour to your speed of obtaining.

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# 1) Use the advanced download manager (the best methods to increase the download speed on Android)

download speed android

ADM is the best procurement supervisor for Android units. It is similar to IDM, which is used in PC to download. Its best function is that it divides the big file into completely different elements to get it faster, that’s why it is the tone of the best supervisor of obtaining Android cell phones. Also, I use ADM on my Android to download any huge file and download it to jiffy for me. It’s the easiest way I discovered to extend the speed of obtaining Android, so I’d recommend using ADM on your Android to speed up. You must make some settings in ADM to speed up your download speed more quickly. So below I am sharing a full tutorial to extend the speed using ADM on Android.

1) First of all, get ADM on your Android

2) After the download, configure and open ADM on your Android.

3) Click on the button at the top left and go to the Download tab, then perform the configuration detailed below:

  • Number of downloads three
  • Number of threads 9
  • MAX speed Smart gets ON (Check the box in it)

4) Save your configuration and start downloading your information.

Following this technique, you will obtain a tremendous speed that in no way you had obtained before on your Android. Enjoy!! This is the main and finest technique to extend the speed of obtaining Android phones.

# 2) Change your Wi-Fi password (speed up the download speed on Android)

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If you use Wi-Fi to download to your Android phone and your neighbours connect your Wi-Fi, then your speed of downloading will decrease completely since many people connect with similar Wi-Fi, your speed may also start overcast. Therefore, you probably have a Wi-Fi connection at home and need to increase your speed of acquisition, then protect your Wi-Fi with Password. So that nobody can enter your Wi-Fi without your authorization. After that, You will have a tremendous excessive speed on your Android.

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Do you realize how to set or change the password of the Wi-Fi router?

If not, then do not be afraid to have written an article about how you can change the Wi-Fi router’s password, so you’ll do it after studying it: How to alter the password of the Wi-Fi router.

After following this information on your Wi-Fi router, you will get tremendous speed on your Android. Simply change your Wi-Fi password and do not share it with anyone, and if someone is going to buy your cross associates or anywhere else, simply change your password once again following a similar process.

#Three) Increase your signal through signal booster applications (increase Android’s download speed)

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In Play Store, you will discover many Signal Booster applications, but they are not very good and, therefore, some of them do not work. You have to choose the best Internet Signal Booster application on your Android to speed up your download speed. So, right here, I’m going to share one of the many more sophisticated signal booster applications for Android by using it, you can simply improve your Wi-Fi / Internet speed.

WiFi | Mobile Network Speed ​​is an Android application for Veloxity inc. By which the download speed on the Android phone will increase. It will present you with the best quick indicators of your space and you will be able to join them to obtain a fast download speed.

Using WiFi | The Internet Network Speed ​​application, you can search for accessible fast WiFi networks and mobile networks out of reach and in a position to join them with a single click. So, also, it is the most advanced technology to give Android more speed.

#4) Restart your Android phone (downloading Speed ​​Increase Android)

Sometimes, when you can not restart your cell phone for a long time, it will have an impact on your web connection and the download speed you bought decreased. Because some modems do not have much energy to enter redundant information and in the same way in your Android, there are so many available functions that reduce the download speed by working secretly in the background, even you do not know about them either. Therefore, you must restart your Android phone every so often, so keep the download speed excellent.

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# 5) Disconnect and reconnect your data connection (Android downloads the speed increase)

When you must use your Data connection repeatedly for a long time, your purchased procurement speed decreased mechanically. This happens because your modem cannot get a lot of information repeatedly, so it’s important to give your connection an interval. Simply disconnect your data connection after using information from 2 to 3 GB repeatedly and reconnect it, you will get fast speed this time a little sooner than. I’m sure; you had already enabled it on your phone.

Last words

So, guys, there are the best 5 best methods to extend the download speed on the Android cell phone. You can simply increase the speed of achievement in Android units after studying this tutorial on How to extend download speed on Android. I hope it works for you and that you can increase the download speed on your Android phone. I tried these 5 strategies on my Android and found them working, so I shared these strategies with our readers. If you have any questions or doubts about increasing the speed of obtaining Android units, be free to comment below. I will respond shortly and I will help you increase the speed of obtaining on your Android. You can experience additional tips on your phone to expand it, since everyone knows, “the experience comes from experiments”. Go to our homepage and try some extra Android tips that attract extra attention. I’m sure you’ll love them all.

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