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Google Play Music: How To Upload And Download Songs

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Before All Access, before the orange and the white took over Google Play Music, it was simple: you loaded your music and streamed it anywhere. It was a simpler time. It was a better time. These days, so many people use Google Play Music without loading their libraries. Whether you want to download music you purchased, upload your own music or just save music to your phone to listen to it offline in the car, here’s how to manage your Google Play Music library.

Different ways to upload and download songs on google play music.


  1. How to download and upload music in Chrome

Downloading and uploading music can be done quite easily in Google Chrome, thanks to Google Play Music for Chrome. This web extension adds a mini-player to Google Play Music while listening on your PC, and also adds the needs behind the scenes to download and upload music from Google Play. Keep in mind before using Play Music for Chrome that using it to download or upload music will add that PC to your list of devices, so you should make sure that the PC on which you are using it is what you will normally use.

To Upload:

  • Touch the three-line menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Touch Load music.


  • Drag and drop your music in the window.
  • If you have not yet added Google Play Music to Chrome, Google will ask you to add it so you can start uploading.

To download a song or an album:

  • Touch the three-point menu next to the song or album you want to download.
  • Touch Download.
  • If you have not yet added Google Play Music to Chrome, Google will ask you to add it so the download can begin.
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You can only download a song or album twice through the Google Play Music website and Chrome extension, so keep in mind, and if you plan to download or upload, change from Google Play Music for Chrome to Google Play Music Manager

2. How to upload and download music through Music Manager


Google Play Music Manager was originally the only way to put or remove your music from the music blocking service of Google Play Music, and although the program is a bit old, it works well and, most importantly, works in the background, so I do not have to look at it very often. Music Manager is available for Windows, Mac and various Linux distributions; in fact, it is compatible with almost all the most important laptops/desktop operating systems, except Chromebooks.

After downloading and installing Google Music Manager, you will enter your Google account and then you will be presented with some options:

  • Upload from iTunes, or Windows Media Player, if someone still uses that, or load music from specific folders on your computer.
  • If Play Music automatically loads new music from iTunes or your folder.
  • If you want to download your library, you can choose only download free or purchased music or your entire library

Once you have applied your settings, simply close the window and let the program run in the background while you use your computer normally. Because the application depends on loads and downloads in the background, it is not too fast, but it also does not clog your computer’s Internet speeds while you manage your music. Loading your initial library or downloading your entire library will depend on how many songs you have and how fast your internet is, but if you have thousands of songs, I give you one or two days to finish uploading everything. Your times may vary but your patience will be rewarded.

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Why we can’t upload music on Android

You’ll notice that for a Google service that is so mobile-oriented, Google Play Music does not really have a way to upload or download music directly from its Android application. The “download” option that appears in the Google Play Music app is similar to saving for offline playback on Google Play Movies. The music is on your phone, but it is encrypted, so no other music application can watch it or play it.

At least for the download side, I can see how that could be a bit risky, especially when you get paid subscription songs involved in offline downloads. However, more than five years have passed, and it’s time for Google Play Music to have an option to upload your music directly through the Android application, especially when the device you upload or download counts to the limit of your device. If Google Photos can automatically scan your phone and ask if you want to upload photos and videos to any random folder on your phone, curse it, so can Google Play Music. Do not have users go through a desktop broker.

Save albums or lists Playback for offline playback

  • Open the playlist or album you want to download.
  • Touch the download icon next to the three-point menu icon.


Do you want to download an individual song? Well, you have three options: download the entire album of the song, add it to a playlist and download the playlist, or activate the settings in the next section.

How to save music automatically while listening

Do not want to bother with going and manually downloading each album, song and playlist you’re listening to? It is not a problem. Google Play Music has a nice hidden feature to help users download music for offline playback while they stream their libraries. Music in cache during streaming is a great option that you should activate immediately, whether you spend a lot of time without Wi-Fi or just want to make sure it is not tuned if your trusted Wi-Fi connection fails.

  • Touch the three-line menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Open configuration.
  • Play the music from the cache during transmission.
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How to automatically save new podcast episodes

Having new podcast episodes downloaded and ready to listen without having to search for them while connected to Wi-Fi is a boon for frequent travelers, and Google Play Music makes it very easy to keep the latest episodes downloaded to your phone. However, there is one caveat: Google Play Music will only automatically download 3 episodes at a time. Therefore, if you listen to a podcast that is updated every day, or sanity helps us several times a day, the automatic download may not keep everything you have not yet heard downloaded unless you are really aware of your subscriptions.

  • Touch the three-point menu on the podcast page.
  • Touch Subscribe if it is a podcast you have not subscribed to before or Manage subscription if it is a podcast to which you are already subscribed.
  • Touch Automatic download to activate it.
  • Touch Subscribe if this is the first time you subscribe to the podcast or if you have already subscribed.



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