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How To Throw Apples In PUBG WIth This Easy Step

throw apples in pubg

With the launch of the new update of the experimental PUBG server, which makes many important changes to the new Sanhok map experience, there is also a PUBG apple launch feature. That’s right; players can now equip fruits and throw them at other players! Here you will find everything you need to know about how to throw apples in PUBG.

The release of Apple throwing in PUBG: How to throw apples in PUBG

PUBG Apple throwing is a new feature that is just now being implemented in the game. At the time of publication, the ability to equip apples and throw them to other players is available exclusively on the PUBG experimental server. As with other features in the tests, it is expected that the ability to throw apples will eventually be transferred to the test server and live servers, once they are considered to work properly. For now, if you want to give the PUBG apple a chance, you will have to download the Experimental Server (this will appear in all the Steam libraries of the owners of PUBG).

Once players download the PUBG Experimental Server and it has started during the trial phase, then it will be time to start the Apple launch experience!

During the pre-match phase, when the game gathers people shortly before boarding the plane, players can open their inventories and find apples ready to be launched. Just equip them and start throwing!

Apple throwing in PUBG Launch: Why can players throw apples?

Before being cut to help with performance, the pre-match phase of PUBG used to have weapons, giving players something to do before the actual game began. PUBG Corp. never replaced those weapons with anything else, so most players remain stationary while waiting for the lobby to fill up. Now it seems that users will finally have something fun to do again! The release of Apple in PUBG may seem like a strange idea, but if that means that players fight with each other, without causing stress on the server and affecting performance, then I agree!


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