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OBS Studio: How To Record Your PC’s Screen 2017

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio: How To Record Your PC’s Screen

OBS studio: If you want to upload a Let’s Play video to YouTube or a software tutorial, you’ll need a tool to record on the screen. If you have a Mac, you can capture what happens on your screen with QuickTime Player – just select file, followed by New Screen Recording. Although this tool is fairly limited, and there is no equivalent preinstalled with Windows, we recommend using a third-party program.

There are lots of free screens around, but many are not able to record full-screen games, some will only record for a few minutes as a time, and some smear watermark over the finished videos.

OBS Studio is the exception. It is a powerful open-source recorder for Windows, Mac and Linux and is ideal for simple screen capture or advanced recording from sources such as webcams and connected video cameras. You can even use it to stream live video to Twitch or YouTube. Here is how to do it.

1. Get OBS Studio

To record your PC or Mac screen, start downloading OBS Studio and the installer. There is no adware or other unwanted software, but you can be prompted to download some runtime components. If so, download the file from the page that opens in your browser and run it. Once the components are installed, restart the OBS Studio installation program.

Leave the browser source plugin box checked (this will ensure that web pages appear correctly in recordings), but skip the other plugin unless you want to record from a RealSense camera.

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2. Run the configuration wizard

When OBS Studio launches for the first time, run the automatic configuration wizard to set the best settings for capturing your screen. Check the ‘Optimize only for recording’ option if you do not intend to stream video; Otherwise, leave the first option selected and click Next.

OBS Studio can record up to 60 frames per second, and the default settings use this option if possible, but you can choose to prioritize the image quality instead. This could lead to less smooth video, so we recommend to stay with the first option. The installer tests the recording encoder with various settings and provides his recommendations. To accept them, click on “Apply settings”.

3. Use your sources

Now you’re ready to set up OBS Studio for recording. You need this when you are planning to send a stream from different sources (like your desktop, your webcam, and some still images), you can create a new scene for each one, making it easy to switch between them. If you only want to record what happened on your display, you can ignore this.

With the ‘Sources’ panel below, you can choose where to record video. The options you will be interested in are Display Capture and Game Capture

If you have multiple monitors, you will be prompted to select one), while GameCapture will start recording when you start a full-screen application.

The selection of DisplayCapture creates a Hall of Mirror effect, since the software itself captures (and so on), but can not be disturbed.

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4. Select your audio settings

By default, OBS Studio will record from the PC or Mac sound card and the connected microphones. You can adjust the volume or disable it with the Mixer panel.

If you click the Settings icon next to Desktop Audio or Microphone Audio, you can apply filters to the sound before it is encoded. The noise reduction option is especially handy when you recode your own narrative.


5. Edit export options

Now you need to decide what happens when you stop your recording manually, or you close the game that you have played. Click File, followed by Settings. If you want to stream content from your screen, click Stream and select a service from the drop-down list. Current options are Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

If you want to save the recording from your screen as a video file, click Output and look at the settings. Most of the defaults here are fine, but you might want to change the recording format of FLV (MP4 is widely supported) and change the path for the exported files.

6. Record or stream from your screen

Depending on the source settings you have chosen, you can start recording by clicking on ‘Start record’ on the right side of OBS Studio or starting a full-screen game.

If you select the first option, you’ll need to use a video editor such as ShotCut to minimize the start of the video, which will show you the minimization of OBS Studio and the firing of the program you want to demonstrate. To avoid this, return to settings, select hotkeys, and set keyboard shortcuts that start and stop recording.

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