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How To Make A Clock App For Android [Photos]

How To Make A Clock App For Android

In this Android tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a clock app for android in Android Studio.

After reading this article you should know how to make a clock app for android.

Steps on how to make a clock app for android:

1. Go to the link mentioned on the page.


How To Make A Clock App For Android

2.Copy the dependency code for that link.

How To Make A Clock App For Android

3. Go to Android Studio.

4.Go to Gradle Scripts and click build.grad (Module: app)


5.Paste the code you copied from the link.

6.Click Sync Now.

7. Check the minimum version of SDK. This library uses at least SDK version 14. In case you have less, you need to create a new project or change the minimum SDK version to 14 and resynchronize.

8.Close the application.

9. Go to values ​​and choose styles.xml.

10. Change the theme in NoActionBar.

11. Go back to the home page and copy the design file.

12. Go to Text in your Android Studio and paste it between the two Relative Design files.

13.You can see the clock now. Some line of codes should be added to the Main Activity to update the clock in a minute.

14. Go to the link again and copy the code.

15. Go to Android Studio and then to and paste it.


16. After all this just compile and convert to APK and install on your phone or any android smartphone.

Now you know how to make a clock app for android.

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