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Limit The Amount Of Bandwidth That Windows 10 Can Download

limit the amount of bandwidth

Bandwidth (in this case) is the term used to determine how much connectivity priority is given to an activity running on your PC. The more bandwidth an activity has, the faster it can progress, and vice versa. Microsoft has added a new feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update that allows you to control the amount of band background and foreground PC activities, such as Windows Store Updates and Windows Updates.
This is done so that users who prefer to accelerate their application updates and Windows can do so while providing the option to users who do not mind doing what they want.
You’ll have to dig deeper into the Configuration app, but if you’re someone who regularly wants Windows updates to be a little faster, it’ll be worth it when you’re done. In this article, I’ll show you how to easily limit the amount of bandwidth that Windows 10 can download.

TL: DR, you can limit the amount of bandwidth that Windows users can download through the configuration application.

How To Limit The Amount Of Bandwidth That Windows 10 Can Download.

  • Open Settings> Update and security.
  • In Windows Update, look for the Advanced Options link and click on that.


  • In the Advanced Options sub-menu, find the Delivery Optimization link and select it as well.

the amount

  • In Delivery Optimization, find Advanced Options for that and select it.


  • You will see a new menu in the photo below. Click “Limit the amount of bandwidth used to download updates in the background” and “Limit the amount of bandwidth used to download updates in the foreground” and then drag them to the desired values. For future reference, Microsoft prefers 45% and 90%, respectively, in case it wants to revert.
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the amount


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