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How To Install A Video Card On A Desktop PC In 5 Minutes

install a video card

The typical video card updates are due to hunger for more frames per second. This is driven by the popular trend among video game developers who want to push the limits of the visual aspects in video games and PVP (player vs player ), the competitive nature of the games. (frames per second) is better. In this guide, we talk about how to install a video card on a desktop PC

Unfortunately, some game developers do not really care if you have a PC good enough to enjoy their titles; and this is where the PC component update comes into play. We, like the players, want to enjoy and sometimes compete at an adequate fps level, especially with games like Fortnite or PUBG.

The first and biggest update of any low or medium range computer is most likely a new video card. What is this article going to cover; along with the next video that provides very detailed instructions on how to install a video card on the desktop PC.

Installing a Video Card on a desktop computer

Below are steps on how to install a video card and a quick comparison between low profile and standard height video cards.

1. Low profile video card versus standard size video card

2. The height difference between the low profile video card

3. Start by removing the lid from the computer lid

4. Remove a backplate from the back to make space for the new video card

5. Search PCI Express slot 16x

6. There is another notch on the back. Align with the back plate of the video card

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7. Align the video card with the PCIE slot, match the notch mark

8. Take your time with PCIE to align cards

9. Press down the video card after aligning it

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