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How To Hide Your Phone Number While Making Calls

hide your phone number

hide your phone number

Hide your phone number: Sometimes we may need some urgent privacy while making calls; maybe we want to hide our identity.

Below is a full guide on how to hide your phone number while making calls, it’s very easy to achieve just follow the steps below.


1. Lunch your dial pad.


2. Type in the number you want your number to be hidden from.

3. Gently add #31# at be back of the number, so it looks like this. #31#08012345678.

4. Hit the call tab, and voila, you have successfully hidden your number.

To see the history of the number you hid from, simply dial *#31#, and you will see a drop-down list of the proposed hidden Numbers.


This post was written by Jasper Fidelis, CEO of Jeftechs


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