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How To Get The OnePlus 5T Face Unlock On Any Android

oneplus 5t face unlock

oneplus 5t face unlock

Recently launched OnePlus 5T 2017, the smartphone OnePlus 5T, with all the bells and whistles. In addition to a gorgeous 6-inch 18:9 Optical AMOLED screen, it has a new face unlock feature that unlocks your phone within seconds without touching any button to have. The feature should also come to OnePlus 5.
Already as Google offers a feature called Trust with Android face, but it is far from being as fast or practical as the current competition.

Fortunately, if you are an Android user, you can get the onePlus 5T Face Unlock feature on your phone. Autoinput is a plugin tasker, which allows you to automate virtually any menu of the user interface inside the device. It will also allow you to unlock/open the phone by simply showing your face. Here’s how you can configure the feature.

How to get the OnePlus 5T face Unlock on any Android

Step one. Download the Autoinput application

Download the Autoinput application on the Google Play Store. It has been indicated that you must join the Autoinput beta program to use the application. However, I was able to use the application without becoming a beta tester.

Also, when I tried to join the program, he said that my account was not eligible for the test program of this application.

Step two. Start a free trial

Open the application, press the Start Test button, and you will get a 7-day free trial of the application. You can even buy the application for $1.99.

However, it will be better to test the application for a few days and buy if you plan to use it regularly.

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Step three. Enable the accessibility service in Autoinput

This step is only for devices running Android 7.0. If your device runs on Android 8.0 Oreo, you will not need this step.

For devices running on Android Nougat, you will see a prompt in red text to activate the service. You will be redirected to the settings on your Android device. Scroll to Autoinput and press the button to activate it.

Step four. Enable Auto dismiss keypad lock

Users with Android O devices can continue to follow the steps from here. You will now see a prompt in the green text indicating that the Autoinput accessibility service is enabled.

Press the Auto dismiss Keyguard button located on the Standalone features tab. Enable to enable this feature

Step five. Configure Trusted Face

To configure your face, go to Settings > Security and location, and then press Smart Lock. At this point you will need to enter your current code or code, if you have one.

Press “Trusted Face” and follow the steps to set it up. You’ll have to scan your face. Make sure you have enough light/brightness when you set this function.

Step six. Try Face Unlock on your Android

Now that you have activated the function, try to unlock the phone with your face. This workaround allows you to unlock the phone by simply pressing the power button. When it eliminates the process you want to use the fingerprint scanner or the other, a pin or a pattern to unlock the phone.
It should be noted that the method is not as ESTA guaranteed as the current OnePlus 5T function. Several times during this test, I was able to unlock the phone without even looking at it directly. This means that the phone is unlocked as soon as you press the power button.

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Other applications do not work well on getting the OnePlus 5t face unlock

There are several applications in Google Play Store that claim to unlock your phone with facial recognition. However, these applications are old and have not been updated for some time. In addition to bad ratings, they show bad reviews where users complained about how the application had affected their phone. Therefore, it is better to avoid downloading such deceptive applications. In comparison, the combination of Autoinput and Smart Lock is relatively safe and effective.

What do you think of the Face Unlock function? Do you want to try it on your Android phone? Please do comment


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