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How To Get Anyone To Switch Off Their Phone


If you check your phone the moment your eyes open, if you read the news through a drowsy eye, if you are paying more attention to social media than the humans around you, we could postulate that you are addicted to your phone.

But there is a straightforward way to reduce it and it is exactly three clicks away.

Human beings are simple creatures. We are attracted to beautiful things: shapes, colours and images.

Nice things are nice to watch, social transmissions are nice to get around, and our brains are connected to want more and more of that.

As the perfect balance of salt/sugar in McDonalds’ food, and the psychologically attractive design of a supermarket, your phone and apps are full of tricks to keep it going for longer and come back for more.

That’s why you can find yourself so easily flipping through without thinking about Instagram when you want to check your email for a minute quickly. That’s why you neglect to look when your loved one is talking to you.

But if you want to reduce the use of your phone, the answer is simple: remove the color and turn grey.

Mack McKelvey, executive director of marketing firm SalientMG in Washington, told the New York Times: “You do not buy boxes of cereals in black and white, you buy a stimulating color, and these applications have developed cool tiles, great ” shapes, cold colors, everything designed to stimulate you. But there is a vibrant world, and your phone should not be. ”

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Users who have made the change say it drastically reduces the frequency with which they reach their phones.

That Facebook search button of attention will not have the same power over you if it only seems as attractive as your banking application.

As the New York Times reported, this trick will make your phone feel like a tool again, and not like a toy.

Changing your phone to grayscale is easy; Here is how to do it:

The process varies for Android phones, but the color settings are usually found in the Accessibility menu.

In IOS, the process is: Settings> General> Accessibility> Show adaptations> Color filters, then select Grayscale.

To enable the change in color and grayscale quickly, go to Accessibility> Accessibility Direct Access and then select Color Filters.

Now you can scroll between color and grayscale by pressing the Start button three times in rapid succession.

Silly stuff. Now enjoy the company of some real humans from real life.

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