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How To Fix Fortnite Cool Down Error In 5 Minutes

fortnite cooldown error

Many players are now facing a Fortnite Cooldown error that is frustrating for anyone who wants to jump into a fight at this time. This is a rather annoying problem that requires players to take a cooling pill for the time being and can not join any Battle Royale combat.

Like the failed pairing service connection error we recently covered, the Fortnite Cooldown error is affecting every platform on which the game is available, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and iOS mobile devices. Fortunately, we have an explanation of what is happening and what you can do.

Fortnite Cooldown Error Explained

The Fortnite Cooldown error requires some cooling for everyone around the world at this time. This error has just started and we suspect that it is probably related to the launch of the iOS edition of the game that was launched before (the date of publication). If that is not the case for you, then it could be a recent or incoming update.

Regardless of what the reason behind the Coolnite Cooldown error is, it essentially comes to a complete stop in all pairing services in each version of the game. Fortunately, we have some tips for you that you can do in the meantime, while the servers are cooling down.

How to fix the cooling error of Fortnite

Because the Fortnite cooling error is a widespread problem, there is now little you can do other than be patient and wait until the servers turn on again. While the cooldown is in effect, no one can access Battle Royale matches online until Epic Games has lifted the cooldown.

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Fortunately, Epic Games is working on a solution to be able to raise the Fortnite Cooldown and welcome the players again. We recommend keeping an eye here and on the game’s official website for any updates on when the cooldown will end. Good luck!


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