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How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death In Windows


The installation of recent Windows 10 updates can often the computers of some users directly on the blue screen of death. This can spend a lot of time with earlier versions of the operating system, and the causes are diverse. One of the causes that can lead to the BSOD can be software related to the hardware or the hardware controller, or the problem may be due to the low-level software that runs in the Windows kernel.

Sometimes, a normal application can cause this nightmare too or damaged files and data loss. The poor memory power can also lead to this. A STOP error is a catalyst for the appearance of the blue screen of death, and when this happens, a complete block occurs and Windows cannot perform more.

Your computer will reboot, but the bad news is that your previously unsaved data will be lost because the programs did not have the opportunity to save them. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about finding an efficient method to solve BSOD problems or avoid the loss of files caused by it, since some methods include third-party tools that can solve the problem and recover lost files when the case.

Preliminary steps to follow to repair the BSOD

Some of the most useful things you can do to correct the BSOD include the following:

  • Scanning for malware
  • Performing a system restore
  • Dealing with hardware problems
  • Install the latest drivers
  • Booting the PC in safe mode
  • Fix some BIOS settings
  • Fix the error with a boot disk
  • File recovery after BSOD error

The best tools to repair the blue screen of death errors [List of 2018]

  • Wondershare RecoverIt

blue of death

This is another useful piece of software that will be great if you had to deal with the blue screen when you die on your Windows computer. This is a safe and reliable computer data recovery software and here are its most essential and useful features that you can enjoy if you choose this tool:

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You can recover lost files, audio, music, photos and more data that have faded due to BSOD.
This software also supports data recovery from hard drive, recycle bin, memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras and more.
Recoverit supports data recovery due to sudden deletion, formatting hard drive corruption, virus attacks, system crashes in various situations and most horrific scenarios.
Recoverit from Wondershare also offers you the possibility to download a free trial version of the program just to see how it works before deciding whether you want to buy the complete tool.

Go to the official Recoverit website and check out more information about this software and how to better deal with the BSOD error appearing on your Windows computer.

  • The professional utility of blue screen of Death Fixer

screen of death

Professional Blue Screen Of Death Fixer Utility is another excellent tool that is useful if you have to deal with the BSOD problem. This excellent software is one of the most important award-winning registry cleaners in the world and has millions of downloads for now.

The software is so popular due to its large set of features included in the Professional Blue Screen Of Death Fixer utility. By downloading this tool, you will have the opportunity to enjoy eight products in one package.

See the features of the tool and the most interesting advantages below:

  • The smart blue screen of Death Fixer Pro is software that can be downloaded immediately and scans the entire disk while repairing everything that needs to be repaired automatically.
  • All you have to do is download the tool, click on Quick Scan to scan your PC and click on the Repair All button so that your system’s problems disappear completely.
  • Once everything has been repaired, you will not only see that the BSOD is gone, but you will also notice a significant change in the speed of the system.
  • There will be fewer cases of freezing, fewer system errors and a renewed computer with greater speed.
  • This utility scans the entire disk to make sure there is not a piece of unwanted software left and automatically downloads the new program you may need.
  • This software will also fix the errors and optimize the unit to make it work faster.
  • All this will result in lower risks of data loss and a longer life for your hard drive.
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Check out more details and features included in Death’s Blue Screen Repair Utility by going to the official website. This software is worth trying

  • WhoCrashed

blue screen

WhoCrashed is an excellent program that can reveal the drivers that are responsible for blocking your computer. This tool is available as a free download and is full of many useful functions.

Here are the best:

  • The software scans your dump files and, in the first place, provides an estimate of exactly what caused the system crash.
  • WhoCrashed can predict if the failure was the computer hardware or if it was software related.
  • This tool also provides an error checking code, the error message and the path of the file that ultimately caused the error.
  • The program also comes with a more advanced version that provides a more detailed analysis through the resolution of symbols.

WhoCrashed will show you the drivers that have been blocking your computer with just a click of the mouse. This tool performs a type of post-mortem crashdump analysis as described above, presenting all the data gathered in a complete way for the user.

WhoCrashed offers you a guide to trace the cause of the problem and fix it. Do not get us wrong; you will not need any debugging skills to be able to determine which drivers are disturbing your Windows computer. Check out the most exciting and exciting details about WhoCrashed by going to its official website.

  • BlueScreenView by Nirsoft

blue screen of death

BlueScreenView from Nirsoft is a bit more advanced than WhoCrashed and offers you the ability to deeply examine all the files that are associated with the BSOD. Take a look at the best features that are included in this software:

  • It offers all the basic information related to blocking the system, and also allows you to save your dump files as text and see a thorough analysis of what caused the problem.
  • The information related to all the blocks is shown in the table.
  • This tool also lists the memory addresses inside the lock stack and finds the modules that might be involved in it.
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For each block, this tool displays more advanced data, such as the name of the mini-dump file, the date/time of the block, the basic block information that is displayed on the blue screen (Error code and 4 parameters) and the details of the lock. Controller or module that may have caused the blockage (file name, product name, file description and file version).

This is a more advanced program, so it’s not ideal for beginners, but it’s worth checking out. Go to the official BlueScreenView website to see more details about it.

These are the best third-party tools and forms that allow you to deal with the horrible BSOD error and, as you have noted earlier, some of these tools can also recover lost data. Check your feature sets to make sure you are downloading the right software for your skills. Good luck, and finally I say goodbye to the BSOD.

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