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How To Be A Successful Vlogger In Nigeria 2017


Today I’ll be writing on how to be a successful vlogger in nigeria, well based on recent research most online publishers are bloggers, just a few people take up the vlogging career.

Most people don’t really like the idea of vlogging in Nigeria because they think it sort of stressful compared to blogging.

Well here are 5 steps to take to become a successful vlogger in Nigeria:

Vlogging tips beginners

1. Entry Requirements

YouTubing has an abnormally low threshold. As long as you have a laptop with a webcam, a YouTube account and a style for an endless insincere grin that barely hides the vortex swirl of nothing abject that consumes your waking moment, you’re ready to take your first steps.

2. Skills required

You will need to:

• Have A friendly Look

• Have A fresh cut of hair.

• Enough time in your hands to believe that filming opening a box is not a grotesque waste of precious life you have been given.

• Adequate lighting.

3. What To Do


• Document your entire life in a series of well-edited videos.

• Check the products you are sending, being careful not to say anything critical.

• Back up your brand with endless Instagram and Snapchat posts that show your young followers how fresh your whole life is.

• Be slightly vague about who sponsors you.

• Convincing an outside journalist to spend three days secretly writing a book for you, and then seeing your face as you are going to sell beyond all the important work you have never cared for.

• End all your sentences with the phrase: “Thank you guys, do not forget to subscribe!”

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4. Salary

Starter: Literally nothing.

Experienced: Nothing unless you can sign up with an experienced vlogger agency.

5. Profession path and progression

With experience, you could use your vlog as a way to jump into acting, or singing, or writing, or any of the other fashion industries that vlogging is supposed to ostensibly interrupt. But make a quick jump, because there is an army of young and enthusiastic vloggers nibbling on your heels, and you’ll be in the scrapheap before you know it. This will be a shame because you do not have any other negotiable ability to talk about.

Related Careers

You may be interested in:

• Television presentation.

• The opening of local parties.

• Staring in a mirror for days at a time.

• Smiling! Smiling as if you were excited about everything! Smiling so hard it hurts! It hurts a lot!


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