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Guide To Use VPN On Your Xbox One

VPNs seem to be everywhere these days. From computers to laptops, from smartphones to tablets, there are VPN applications that allow quick access to a secure Internet connection anywhere, and despite the lack of VPN applications on the Xbox One and the PS4, there is still a way to use a VPN in the consoles.

While it is not as simple as other devices, there are ways to use a VPN on your Xbox One, and this is where we show you how to do it.

Why Should I use a VPN on my Xbox One?

Before describing the various ways in which you can use a VPN on your Xbox One, we must first address why it is a good idea.

First, depending on the quality of the VPN provider and the location of the VPN server, you can see a reduction in the delay when playing online games. Many VPNs connect console users through dedicated P2P servers and games that send their traffic through ‘hot spots’ between data centres, reducing the delay.

Beyond the improvements in your online games, you can also access games that are not officially available in your country.

Usually, games that are released on the same day around the world will appear first in the stores in Australia, thanks to the difference in time zones. But, by using a VPN app, you can trick your console into believing that you are in Australia and make available quick access to the game.

And as with other devices, using a VPN can give you access to geo-blocked content from Netflix tastes on your Xbox One.

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Ways To Connect VPN To Xbox One

Configure Xbox One VPN through a Wi-Fi router

The quickest way to use VPN services on your Xbox One is to set up a VPN on your Wi-Fi router. Now, there are two ways you can do this. The first option is to buy a newer Wi-Fi router that offers support for integrated VPN services, which are available online from ExpressVPN. It’s true that it can be a bit expensive, but it’s the easiest way to use a VPN on your Xbox and any other device connected to your Wi-Fi home as well.

If that’s too much for you, buy your VPN subscription and manually enter the details of the VPN on your Wi-Fi router. The problem is that, depending on the brand of the router and the VPN provider, the steps may vary, so it is almost impossible to provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it: see the router manual for more information.

Configure Xbox One VPN through a PC

If configuring the VPN through your router is not an option, you can also use your PC to connect your Xbox One to a VPN. Before you begin, make sure you get an Ethernet cable, a PC or laptop, your Xbox One and an active VPN subscription at hand. If you are not sure which VPN to choose, take a look at our selection of the best VPNs of 2018.

  • Install the VPN program of your choice on your PC.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to the back of your Xbox One and your PC.
  • On your PC, open the Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings on the left side of the screen.
  • Right-click on the icon with your VPN and select Properties.
  • Open the Share tab and make sure that the option “Allow other users on the network to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” is selected.
  • Test the Internet connection on your Xbox One: if everything went well, you should now be able to access Xbox One services through a VPN.
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Configure Xbox One VPN through Mac

How about if you have a Mac instead of a PC? Do not worry, because macOS offers something similar to the previous PC-oriented method. You will also need many of the same elements: an Ethernet cable, a Mac desktop or laptop, an Xbox One and an active VPN subscription.

We’ve also put together the best VPN for Mac if you need help choosing a VPN compatible with Mac.

  • Install the chosen VPN software on your Mac.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your Xbox One and Mac.
  • Go to System Preferences> Share and select Internet Exchange in the list on the left of the window.
  • In the “Share your connection” drop-down menu, select Wi-Fi.
  • In the ‘To the computer you use’ list, make sure Ethernet is selected. If you use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet on your Mac, share your connection via Wi-Fi instead.
  • Check the box to the left of Internet Sharing in the list to allow the exchange of your Internet connection between your Mac and Xbox One. A green icon will appear if successful.
  • Open the VPN software on your Mac and connect to the chosen server.
  • Test the Internet connection on your Xbox One: if you followed the steps correctly, you should now use a VPN on your Xbox One.


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