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Guide To Avoid QR Code Virus On Android

qr code virus

A virus that uses QR code applications and bombards users with notifications and notifications has been downloaded 500,000 times from the Google Play store. Does the QR code virus affect you and what should you do next?

About QR Code Virus On Android

Sophos has detected a new type of Android malware called ‘Andr / HiddnAd-AJ’ that includes at least six QR code reader applications previously available for download from the Google Play store. Once installed on the user’s devices, the malware waits for six hours and then bombards users with announcements and notifications. It is believed that it was installed on at least 500,000 devices.

Should you be worried about QR Code Virus?

Following the discovery, Google has removed the offending applications from the Google Play store and removed them from users’ devices. This means that if you have downloaded apps only from the Google Play store, you have nothing to worry about.

If you think you may have downloaded something doubtful out of the Google Play store and that remains on your device, follow our steps to know how to remove an Android virus.

What to do after your android get infected with QR code virus?

It seems that this particular virus has stopped for now, but it highlights the fact that even adhering exclusively to the relatively safe confines of the Google Play Store is not always enough to keep it safe. Although Google examines all applications, sometimes things can go unnoticed.

We still recommend using Google Play whenever possible, but you should always keep your wits about you when you download any new application. If you observe dishonest behaviour after the installation of an application, do not ignore it.

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You should also check the application’s permissions, keep Android updated and, if you want an additional layer of security, install Android’s antivirus software. Please comment below.

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